TotalBoat Thixo Flex Thickened Flexible Epoxy Adhesive
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  • TotalBoat Thixo Flex Thickened Flexible Epoxy Adhesive

TotalBoat Thixo Flex Flexible Epoxy Adhesive

Thixo Flex is a thickened epoxy adhesive that forms flexible, high-strength bonds on wood (even teak and other oily woods), fiberglass, metals, glass, & some plastics. Upon cure, it creates permanent, structural bonds that absorb shocks, stresses, & vibration.

This cartridge-dispensed non-sagging epoxy is great for building or restoring wooden boats prone to flexing during use, and movement from weather-related expansion & contraction. Thixo Flex can be applied to dry or damp surfaces in temperatures as low as 40°F. You'll appreciate the long working time & easy cleanup.

Handy cartridges fit standard caulk guns. Use the included mixing tip to measure, mix, & dispense a bead that's the precise 1:1 mix of resin and hardener to get a proper cure each time. No need to measure, mix, or worry.

One 250ml cartridge includes 2 static mixing tips.

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  • Forms permanent, flexible bonds on fiberglass, glass, metal, plastic, and wood, including hardwoods that typically are a challenge to bond because of their natural oils.
  • Waterproof bonds hold firmly when subjected to contraction, expansion, shock, & vibration.
  • Convenient cartridge fits into a standard caulk gun.
  • Static mixing tip fits firmly onto cartridge to easily mix, measure, and dispense the precise ratio of resin and hardener for you.
  • Apply to dry or damp surfaces.
  • Long working time of 75 minutes is ideal for larger projects that require extensive gluing.
  • Can be used in temperatures as cool as 40°F.
  • Buff-colored cured epoxy can be sanded and painted.


Compare to two-part West System G/Flex 655. Thixo Flex is a better value, and is easier to use because the resin and hardener are contained inside a single cartridge that fits into a standard caulking gun (sold separately). There's no measuring, mixing, or mess because the included static mixing tip measures, mixes, and dispenses the exact ratio automatically.

In addition, Thixo Flex has higher flex tolerances and lasts longer than flexible, one-part urethane adhesives and sealants.

Application Notes: Store Thixo Flex cartridges at room temperature (60-90°F) before use. Apply when the temperature of the ambient air and substrate is 40°F or warmer. When finished, leave the static mixing tip on the tube to cure. For the next application, simply remove and replace the tip. Do not attempt to clean the tips.

Note: For use in manual caulking guns only.

Specifications & Properties   
Color  Buff 
Mix Ratio by Volume  1A (resin) to 1B (hardener) 
Mix Ratio by Weight  1.2A (resin) : 1B (hardener) 
Gel Time (100g mass) @ 72°F  40 minutes 
Working Time (Thin Film) @ 72°F  75 minutes 
Initial Cure Time @ 72°F  3-4 hours 
Workable Cure Time @ 72°F  Sandable in 7-10 hours 
Cure Time for High Loads @ 72°F  24 hours 
Minimum Recommended Temperature  40° 
Tensile Strength  5,330 psi 
Compressive Strength  7,200 psi 
Flexural Strength  8,800 psi 
Volumetric Shrinkage  3.5% 
Hardness, Shore D  77 
BRAND: TotalBoat
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Type: Epoxy Adhesive
Usage: Bonding
4.7 14



Excellent product.....excellent service from JD.....


Loudon, TN




Great product !!


Monroe CT


Great product


Best product on the market, except I learned after cutting the cartridge open to get more out, you are not getting a full cartridge because the mixer inside takes so much space ,so when you purchase this product you are only getting about 5 -6 ounces of product, and because of that, my project fell well short.. Please send me another one at a reduced price!


Boat/South Haven, Michigan


Good Stuff!


Used the thixo to fill a void from a crack in the fiberglass collecting water on the forward deck and deteriorated the wood underneath. Pending rain and about 60 degrees outside and the Thixo set hard before the rain came (about 2 hours later) and sealed it up good. That spot was dripping water on my forward master cabin bed and making a mess. Next when we get good weather I will sand it out and paint, we'll see how that goes. Until then...

Endless Summer

Oceanside, Ca


Excellent for filling, bonding, etc.


My only recommendation is to be sure and use the highest power caulk gun you can find. I found a 13:1 gun at my local hardware store which did the job but I would recommend finding an 18:1 if possible. This stuff is thick and takes some serious pressure to go through the mixing tip. Awesome epoxy!




Looks good but too soon to tell if it will perform


I used this to fill stress cracks in the glass on the interior deck at the bulwark joint, stem to stern on an 18' dory. it came out of the tube VERY slowly, though I probably need a more powerful caulking gun and it was cold when I applied it.

santa claus

North Pole


I would buy this product again, very pleased


I used this product to repair some cracks in the console of my pontoon boat. After opening up the cracks about 3/8 inches I applied the product using the special mixing tip and level it out with a wide craft stick. After it dried I sanded out then painted. Turned out great.




Buy a good gun to go with this.


I would recommend you purchase a good caulk gun rated for adhesive with at least a 10:1 drive/torque ratio. This stuff is thick, and even a pretty good gun from Ace Hardware wrecked my hand. I ended up getting a better gun (Albion B26) for next time (26:1). Be sure to trim the tip to the desired bead size, as without doing so is is a very small bead. There is deceptively not that much material in the tube, that would be my only complaint.




Good epoxy!


I used this on some teak furniture pieces I made because I wanted to ensure the bond would hold the oily teak parts together permanently.


Atlanta, GA


worked great will buy again


I had a teak cabin door that was basically destroyed by 250 lb man and a 8 foot wave. Needless to say the door needed major reconstruction. The epoxy blended well with color agent and the door went together with plenty of work time. 2 louvers were broken dead center and when glue cured the louvers remained flexible like the others. One day later you would never know it was destroyed so badly


Salem Ma.


TotalBoat Thixo Flex Flexible Epoxy Adhesive



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