Pettit Black Widow 1869 Racing Antifouling Paint
Pettit Z-Spar Pettit paint
  • Pettit Black Widow 1869 Racing Antifouling Paint

Pettit Black Widow Racing Antifouling Paint

Pettit Black Widow is a slick, hard, high-performance bottom paint that can be burnished to a gun-metal mirror finish for maximum speed. Its advanced, dual-biocide formula provides excellent multi-season antifouling protection against hard and soft growth in all waters,

Developed for racing sailboats and speed-hungry offshore powerboats, Black Widow contains four slickness-enhancing agents that ensure optimum performance and make the surface easier to keep clean. Just 2 thin coats are required for best adhesion and antifouling performance. Apply by brush, roller, or spray.

Available in Black in both Quart and Gallon sizes. Dark Blue available in Gallons.

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  • Slick, hard, multi-season antifouling protection in all waters
  • Easy to apply and easy to clean
  • Finish is flat but can be burnished to a mirror-like, polished surface to increase speed
  • Contains PTFE, graphite, silicon, and molybdenum disulfide to make it the slickest, fastest, antifouling coating available


Technical Specifications   
Finish  Matte; can be burnished to a mirror-like finish 
Biocide / Slime-Fighting Agent  25% Cuprous Thiocyanate / 2.80% Zinc Pyrithione 
VOC Content  330 g/L 
Thinner  Brushing: Pettit 120 Thinner or 120 VOC Free Thinner; Spraying: Pettit 121 Thinner 
Application Methods  Brush, solvent-safe foam roller, airless spray, or conventional spray 
Application Temperature  50°F to 90°F 
Number of Coats  1 minimum per season; additional coats for extended service 
Film Thickness per coat, DFT  2 mils 
Film Thickness per coat, WFT  3.1 mils 
Solids by Weight  83 +/- 2% 
Theoretical Coverage  440 sq. ft. per gallon 
Drying Times - Substrate temperature must be at least 5°F above dew point.  To Touch  To Recoat  To Launch 
50°F  1 hour  12 hours  24 hours 
70°F  1/2 hour  6 hours  16 hours 
90°F  1/4 hour  3 hours  8 hours 
BRAND: Pettit Z-Spar
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Copper AF Paint
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Black Widow - Fab Alternative to VC-17


Over-coats over old paint - no stripping, just sand with 80, paint a few coats, burnish and you're ready to go. Half gallon (two quarts) gave us to coats on our 22 foot mini-tonner. This was so easy versus applying VC-17

Nepenthe III



Pettit Black Widow Racing Antifouling Paint



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