Pettit Sea Gold Satin Marine Wood Treatment
Pettit Z-Spar Pettit Z-Spar
  • Pettit Sea Gold Satin Marine Wood Treatment

Pettit SeaGold Marine Wood Treatment

Pettit SeaGold features an advanced, UV-stable resin to give wood the superior protection & translucent beauty of varnish, without the odor, VOCs, prep, number of coats, application, & dry time associated with traditional marine varnish.

Apply 3-4 coats in 1 day, with no sanding in between. Its rich amber color enhances the grain without creating a muddy appearance, and superior UV protection prevents the finish from turning brown or orange. SeaGold has excellent flow, & can be applied over existing varnish in good condition. It's also easy to maintain, with just a quick scuffing with a plastic scrub pad, wipe with water, dry, & apply. This fast-drying varnish alternative also offers easy soap & water cleanup.

Available in Satin and Gloss finishes.

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  • Translucent amber finish enhances the clarity of the wood grain—won't hide the natural beauty.
  • Offers superior UV protection for a more durable, longer-lasting finish that won't discolor over time.
  • Advanced formula is easier and less messy to use than traditional synthetic marine wood finishes.
  • Dries quickly so you can apply 3-4 coats per day and finish the job faster.
  • Can be applied over varnish in good condition.
  • Very low VOC content, and no odor is better for you and the environment. VOC compliant in all areas.
  • Cleans up quickly and easily with soap and water


Do not shake SeaGold. Stir gently before application, taking care not to introduce air bubbles. SeaGold is best applied using a brush with synthetic, flexible bristles. DO NOT apply SeaGold when rain is imminent or on extremely humid days. DO NOT apply when dew may adversely affect the wet film, as in late afternoon. DO NOT apply SeaGold to a wood hull that has been dried more than one week under conditions such as artificial heat. DO NOT use this coating below the waterline on boats that remain in the water. When applying SeaGold, be sure to brush in the direction of the grain, for best results.


Wood must be clean, dry and properly prepared prior to SeaGold application. When sanding wood, always sand with the grain. Use a vacuum, air hose, or tack rag to remove all traces of sanding residue. Follow all surface preparation steps carefully, avoiding shortcuts. Inadequate surface preparation will virtually assure inadequate performance of SeaGold Marine Wood Treatment.

Technical Specifications

  • Finishes: Satin or Gloss
  • UV Absorbers: Present
  • Solids (theoretical) by Weight: 33 +- 1%,
  • Solids (theoretical) by Volume: 32 +- 1%
  • Coverage: 400 sq. ft/gal.
  • VOC Content: 150 g/L (1.25 lbs/gal), as supplied
  • Flash Point: >200°F
  • Application Method: Brush—use a brush with flexible, synthetic bristles.
  • Number of Coats: Bare Wood: 3-4 minimum; Existing SeaGold: 2 minimum
  • Dry Film Thickness (per coat): 1.2 mils (4.0 wet mils)
  • Application Temperature: 40°F Minimum; 90°F Maximum
  • Thinner: Pettit Water Based Brushing Thinner 140


Dry Time Hours  Set-to-touch  Tack Free  Dry Hard 
90°F  15 minutes  30 minutes  1 hour 
70°F  30 minutes  1 hour  2 hours 
60°F  1 hour  2 hours  3 hours 
50°F  2 hours  3 hours  4 hours 
BRAND: Pettit Z-Spar
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Marine Wood Treatment
2.6 5

Best water based "varnish" for interior work


I'm a building contractor working Colorado. Some of our projects are at high (8,500') elevation with elevated UV concerns. In the past we've seen failures on high sunlight areas like clear finished interior window sills and exposed doors. We've switched to exclusively using Sea Gold for clear (mostly satin) exterior and interior trim finishes. It applies easily, allowing multiple coats per day and our painting crews now prefer it to other products. While Colorado is not a marine environment we have found that over the last two years the product has held up significantly better than those we previously used. A big plus for both our homeowners and craftspeople is that Sea Gold has very little odor or VOC,s. I think the appearance of the product, applied properly, is excellent.

Wildwood Guy

Longmont, Colorado


So far so bad


Having read the WoodenBoat review in which the writer had used Seagold on oars I decided to try it on a boat hook and some hatch wash-boards. On the boat hook, stripped down to bare wood, bleached and washed I applied five coats of Seagold After one week in my back yard and after two rain showers black stains showed through and the finish could be scraped off easily with my thumbnail. I then rubbed the finish down with 120 grit sandpaper and removed it all in moments. A waste of time, but not a lot of time I guess.On the teak hatch cover (wash board in England) the seagold just looked plain ugly. The piece has not yet been exposed to weather as it is in my shop. I will leave it in the boat for a few weeks and see how it goes, but the fact that I am talking weeks in England, latitude over 50 degrees north and not known for Florida style sunshine shows how little confidence I have thus far.


London England


Very pleased with results


I purchased this product to refinish all of my interior 62 year old mahogany. I was skeptical at first but found the product does work quite well for this application. I elected to use the satin finish which lays down nice and provides a luxurious deep finish. It's been in service for over a year and so far so good.

Stephen K

MS Gulfcoast




I applied two coats Sea Gold to teak hand rails previously treated with Sikens Cetol. Teak was first sanded wiped clean. Sea Gold went on easily and uniformly appeared compatible with previous coating...nice color. 2 weeks later hand rails looked faded, little color as if no coating had been applied. Very disappointed with results given the labor and time spent.


Deltaville VA


Sea Gold wood finisg


I am very disappointed in the results of using Sea Gold. In less than a year we have mildewing Brightwork. I was looking forward to the idea of once a year maintenance of the teak but we didn't even make it a year befor we saw those dreaded gray spot appearing.


South carolina

Pettit SeaGold Marine Wood Treatment



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