3M Hookit Blue 321U Abrasive Discs 6 Inch
3M 3M sanding discs
  • 3M Hookit Blue 321U Abrasive Discs 6 Inch
  • 3M Hookit Blue 321U Abrasive Discs 6 Inch Alignment Guide Line

3M Hookit Blue 6 Inch Sanding Discs

3M Hookit Blue Multi-Hole Sanding Discs are ideal for repairs and surface prep prior to painting. Their multi-hole pattern reduces disc loading, requiring fewer change-outs. It also provides maximum dust extraction for cleaner surfaces and work environments.

Blue abrasives feature premium aluminum oxide mineral abrasive material blended with ceramic grain for extended disc life. Hole pattern allows easy alignment with most backup pads. Hookit hook and loop attachment makes disc changes fast and easy.

Choose from available grades (grits): 40, 80, 120, 150, 180, 220, 240, 320, 400, 500, 600, and 800.

50 discs per box.

(1 bx contains 50 ea) IN STOCK
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Item Number  Description  Quantity 
MMM-051131-36170  40 Grade  50/box 
MMM-051131-36172  80 Grade  50/box 
MMM-051131-36174  120 Grade  50/box 
MMM-051131-36175  150 Grade  50/box 
MMM-051131-36176  180 Grade  50/box 
MMM-051131-36177  220 Grade  50/box 
MMM-051131-36178  240 Grade  50/box 
MMM-051131-36180  320 Grade  50/box 
MMM-051131-36181  400 Grade  50/box 
MMM-051131-36182  500 Grade  50/box 
MMM-051131-36183  600 Grade  50/box 
MMM-051131-36184  800 Grade  50/box 

3M Blue Abrasives Features:

  • A best-in-class abrasive for the entire repair and paint prep process
  • Engineered ceramic mineral blend is balanced for maximum abrasive performance in its class
  • Multi-hole pattern delivers excellent dust extraction and reduces loading
  • Anti-loading coating prevents dust and debris from clogging the cutting surface
  • Upgraded resins improve durability and finish
  • Hookit attachment makes changing discs fast and easy


3M Blue sanding discs deliver best-in-class performance at every stage of paint prep and body repair. Premium aluminum oxide mineral abrasive is blended with ceramic grain for a full range of sanding applications. Specially-designed multi-hole pattern reduces loading, extends disc life and aligns with most backup pads. Hookit attachment makes disc changes easy.

Blue abrasives discs feature a multi-hole pattern specially designed to capture dust and keep it away from the abrasive surface. This specially-designed hole pattern reduces loading and extracts dust more efficiently compared to standard 6- or 7-hole disc configurations. It includes alignment guides across the disc, making it fast and easy to align with nearly any backup pad. The mineral blend on the 3M Hookit Blue Abrasive Disc is bonded using upgraded resins for enhanced durability. An anti-loading coating helps keep dust from gathering between the abrasive grains for a faster cut and for consistent performance throughout the life of the disc. Ceramic mineral blend cuts through paint and filler with consistent results every time.

Attachment Type: Velcro
Hole Pattern: Multi-Hole
Material: Aluminum Oxide
Type: Discs
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