TotalBoat Halcyon Amber Marine Gloss Varnish
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  • TotalBoat Halcyon Amber Marine Gloss Varnish
  • TotalBoat Halcyon Clear Marine Gloss Varnish
  • TotalBoat Halcyon Clear and Amber Gloss Varnishes in a Pint Size Pour Pak

TotalBoat Halcyon Rugged Marine Varnish

TotalBoat Halcyon is an innovative marine varnish that creates a hard, glossy finish on brightwork, without the painstaking prep, long dry time, tedious sanding & noxious fumes associated with most varnishes. Its 1-part low-VOC formula offers powerful UV protection to prevent yellowing. Once cured, it stays flexible to prevent cracking & lifting as wood flexes with humidity & temperature changes.

Halcyon cures to a harder surface than most 1-part varnishes, with superior abrasion, scratch & solvent resistance. It dries fast–recoat in 1 hour @ 72°F, with no sanding between coats. Resealable Pour Pak™ bag prevents skinning & waste. Soap & water cleanup.

Choose Halcyon (clear amber) or Halcyon Clear (clear gloss). Available in Pints and Quarts. Quart size includes 2 paint pots, 2 stir sticks, 2 2-in. foam brushes, 2 strainers & 1 pr latex gloves.

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Halcyon Varnish Features

  • Clear amber gloss (Halcyon) and Clear gloss (Halcyon Clear) finishes accent wood grain and character.
  • Hard, UV-stable, finish is abrasion, solvent, and scratch resistant.
  • For interior & exterior (exterior above waterline) on all types of wood.
  • Convenient, resealable bag makes it easy to pour and easy to store.
  • Won't skin over in the cup while you're using it, or in the bag while you're storing it.
  • One-part formula is easy to use, no mixing or measuring.
  • No mess, easy soap and water cleanup, and no waste.
  • Low-odor, low-VOC formula is eco-friendly and user-friendly.
  • Available in Pint and Quart sizes.


No long wait. No sanding. No fumes. No waste or mess.

In our continuous quest for a better marine varnish, we've developed TotalBoat Halcyon, a quick-drying, rapid-recoating, eco-friendly, durable, gloss varnish that takes brightwork finishing to the next level. Its low-VOC, low-odor formula makes it easier than ever to get a nice, even gloss on both interior and exterior wood surfaces.

Halcyon dries super fast and doesn't require sanding between coats (for up to 12 hours), so you can apply up to five coats in one day to finish varnishing faster and set sail sooner. The low VOC content limits exposure to you and to the environment, and the low odor makes Halcyon great for use indoors, in shops, or on interior woodwork. Its maximum UV protection, flexibility, and abrasion resistance make it great for exterior woodwork, too.

Now available in clear gloss and clear amber gloss

Our original Halcyon formula cured crystal clear, abrasion resistant, and UV stable. But many of you told us that, while the clear finish was good for some applications, you preferred a more classic, clear amber finish on brightwork. We heard you, and we've created a formula we know you'll love. It has the beauty of a traditional marine spar varnish, but cures with greater clarity, abrasion resistance, and UV protection. This new clear amber gloss formula goes by the name Halcyon, and the clear gloss formula has a new name–Halcyon Clear. Each formula is designed so that the more coats you apply, the greater the depth, beauty, gloss, and durability. These innovative varnishes are very easy and fast to apply, quick to dry, easy to sand, and clean up fast with just soap and water.

The beauty is in the cured finish

At first, Halcyon varnishes may look a little odd and seem a little different because they come in a bag, don't smell like varnish (don't stink!), and with their milky-white color, don't look like varnish. Until they dry very quickly to a beautiful, even gloss.

  • Compared to oil-based varnish, Halcyon varnishes don't need thinning—not even for the first coat—because they dry phenomenally fast, and don't have to be sanded between coats. They also dry completely clear and hard, but flexible so there's no yellowing, chipping, cracking, or peeling.

  • Compared to synthetic marine wood finishes, Halcyon varnishes can be applied over existing 1- or 2-part varnishes in good condition, they're very scratch resistant, abrasion resistant, and remain clear & glossy, without looking cloudy or muddy after multiple coats. Halcyon varnishes also offer greater UV protection.

  • Compared to water-based marine polyurethane varnishes, Halcyon varnishes can be applied to interior and exterior wood surfaces, and it has a beautiful, glossy finish.
Technical Specifications   
Thinning  Not required, even for the first coat. However, to help create a desired flow, thin with water up to 20% maximum. 
Cleanup  Soap and water 
Application Method  Brush, roll & tip, or spray 
Application Temperature  50-90°F; 0-90% RH (relative humidity) 
Number of Coats (Minimum)  2-3 
Accelerated Application  If desired, apply a maximum of 5 coats per day. Always wait 12 hours between applying Halcyon and sanding. 
Tack-Free Time to Recoat  1 hour at 72°F 
Overcoat Without Sanding  Up to 12 hours 
Coverage  40-50 sq. ft./pint; 80-100 sq. ft./quart 
Cured Color  Halcyon (clear light amber); Halcyon Clear (ultra clear) 
Finish  Gloss 
Gloss DOI (Distinctness of Image)  >90% @ 60°; >77% @ 20°  
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including n-methylpyrrolidone, which is known to the State of California to cause developmental toxicity. For more information, go to

BRAND: TotalBoat
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Varnishes
4.4 38

Precautions to expect with Halcyon


I like the water=based nature of Halcyon and the speedy 1 hour recoating property. On the final coat, I let the varnish dry for two days and the final coat had brush marks. Srtange as it seems, I will have to do a final sanding with 220 grit and redcoat the final covering. Is it just me? Don't know, but I'll experiment and let you guys know.

Craftsman Woodworking

S. China, ME


Great product !!


Love this product very fast between coats so you are able to ship your products out the door much faster.


Lake Havasu City,AZ


Great packaging


First the bag container is the best thing ever. No stiring or lid to deal with. It doesn't seem to lay down quite as well as the Petits Captains but for overall ease of application it seems hard to beat if it holds up. I got about six coats over Captain's on mahogany and looks fine, just not the clear depth of spar varnish. I also used the amber on a new very blonde paddle with little darkening.


Mystic CT


Excellent for my outdoor signs (Woodworking)


I make hand carved out door signs using popular, many of wich have scenery or pictuues which I paint with exterior house paint. I have found that the clear gloss product by TotalBoat provides excellent protection when I apply it over top of the paint with out distorting my colors. I have several signs that are going on three years out side and they still look great! However the Amber varnish will tint light or white colors some what, just be aware.... When a sign has only dark colors I will use the Amber Gloss Varnish because I like the way it tints the popular.


Coventry, RI


Doing an experiment


I have used Epifanes for 30 years. Love the look like the durability OK. Find it a bit moody and quirky. Last spring I finished a renovation of a 25 foot sharpie. I replaced all of the wood with brand new teak and decided since I would be selling this boat upon completion of that last project I would give this product a try. The ease of use ease of cleanup use of the bag all of those things referred to in many other reviews are no-brainers. This stuff is great! The key is going to be longevity. I finished with eight coats on it in April. Luckily I sold the boat to a guy who has it in a large lakes only an hour and a half from here. I plan to go see the boat in the next week or two and see how she fiaredthus far.I now have a decision to make although I think I'm there. I have purchased a 40 foot schooner with more mahogany on deck that is varnished than most would think a sane person would buy. It will be more bright work to maintain than I've ever dealt with in over 30 years of owning sailboats. I'm going to overcoat the Epifanes with two and probably three coats of Halcyon.I've also started an experiment. I purchased some new mahogany and ripped it into three equal pieces. On one I have put eight coats of Halcyon clear. On another I am putting six coats of Epifanes high-gloss and will follow up with 2 to 3 coats of Halcyon. The other I'm doing the way I have always done; eight coats of Epifanes high-gloss following all the tedious time-consuming steps. We have a deck that sees the sun almost all day. I'm going to put these three pieces on the top handrail and take pictures every 3 months and see how these things weather. I expect that will steer me toward how I maintain Bright work on my schooner going forward. I pray the Halcyon holds up as well as Epiphanes has over the years because if it does this is a no brainer permanent solution.


Birmingham AL


Out Freaking Standing!


Finished off some military plaques and the finish was great. Easy to apply, dried crystal clear and dried quick! I definitely recommend this product!

Joe (BlueLine WoodWorks, LLC)

Wake Forest, NC


Love this product


I use this for my woodworking projects


Ripley, MS


Practice first before coating the expensive wood


I tried this out on some mango turned wood vases. In all fairness, I have never heard of mango being used in the marine environment. The bag stands up well. I tried both chip brushes and foam brushes. It quickly soaks in, and initial overlaps yield darker streaks. Temps started out in 70s then on into upper 90s. Dried quickly and applied another coat. Unlike so many other coatings, this doesn't seem to dry in the cup or on the brush. This doesn't mean you can reuse after the covered surface has set up. If you try this, the new coat will not adhere to the dried coat.The color is more of Carolina clay mud, if you are familiar.I used two coats, and will set one outside to see how it lasts. Nice semi gloss so far.


North Carolina




I rework top of table after the kids painted & glued on it the top was sanded to220 stained 3 coats marine varnish alternating directions day1 ,day2 sanded to 550 2 coats more add put in sun to help it dry sanded to 550 to 1200 3 hours add the last coat time for photos


lakeside ca


Nice clear finish but....


I tried both the amber and clear Halcyon finish on an interior table top. It is very easy to apply and drys quickly so multiple coats can be applied in a couple hours. I wanted to try and get the same look as regular Marine varnish which has a slight amber color but found the Halcyon amber to be too orange which I did not like. The other problem is that the varnish does not flow as well as oil based varnishes and therefore I could never achieve a perfectly flat final coat. No mater whether I brushed or sprayed the finish. In the case of spraying there was always slight brush strokes left and in the case of spraying there was a slight orange peal in the final coat. I do not have that problem with many of the oil based varnishes. I wanted a harder finish for wear and tare which is why I chose the new Halcyon but due to these effects I most likely will have to revert back to oil based in the future.


North Stonington, CT


TotalBoat Halcyon Rugged Marine Varnish



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