BoatLife Sealant Smoother 16 oz.
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  • BoatLife Sealant Smoother 16 oz.
  • Super Slick Sealant Smoother 4 oz.

BoatLIFE Super Slick Sealant Smoother

BoatLIFE Super Slick Sealant Smoother helps you get a perfectly smooth, tightly sealed bead of caulk or sealant quickly and easily without making a mess. Simply wet your finger with this unique liquid, and smooth the sealant. It also makes it easy to remove excess sealant from your fingers. Safe for use with all BoatLIFE sealants, allowing them to cure without discoloration or residue.

Available in 1 oz., 4 oz., and 16 oz. sizes.

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Item Number  Size 
BTL-1023  1 oz. 
BTL-1024  4 oz. 
BTL-1025  16 oz. 

Super Slick Sealant Smoother Features

  • Makes it easy to get a perfect bead every time.
  • Reduces mess and cleanup time.
  • Easy to remove from fingers after use.
  • Does not affect sealant cure, and leaves no residue.



  • Place your finger over the bottle opening, turn the bottle over to wet your finger.
  • Smooth the sealant with your wetted finger.
  • Wipe your finger after each use.


Use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Wear protective gloves, eye protection, and face protection. Read all instructions and precautionary statements before use.

Type: Adhesive Sealant
4.5 2

Works as advertised


I used it to smooth seams I was caulking on a rebuilt transom. It worked as advertised. It made smoothing out the bead easier than water or paint thinner.


Tennessee River


Easy to use, nice product


Good stuff. By the time of the year when I am caulking; my fingers are usually shot from sanding and the typically harsh boat commissioning hand work. This stuff allows for easy clean up, wipe your fingers. It works with regular below the waterline caulk by BoatLife (good stuff) and also works with the ugly stuff like 5200. I use it for all gluing and stuff like that with success. It also taste good. Just kidding, I didnt taste it.


Lake Michigan


BoatLIFE Super Slick Sealant Smoother



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