TotalBoat FixWood Wood Repair Epoxy Putty System Three Sculpwood Replacement
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  • TotalBoat FixWood Wood Repair Epoxy Putty System Three Sculpwood Replacement

TotalBoat FixWood Epoxy Putty

TotalBoat FixWood marine-grade epoxy putty is an easy, reliable way to repair rotted wood permanently. This 2-component, moldable epoxy putty is easy to shape in place by hand or using tools. Its non-sagging formula is great for repairing or replacing damaged or missing wood on door & window frames, deck boards and trim. It's also ideal for filling non-structural screw holes.

FixWood cures overnight to a hard surface that's easy to sand, carve, machine, or fasten. Compatible with all types of wood, its beige color can be stained or painted so it blends with the surrounding wood species. Repairs are 100% waterproof, shrink-free & able to flex with the wood, for long-lasting adhesion & strength. Low-odor formula is great for interior or exterior use above the waterline.

Available in a 2-Pint Kit & a 2-Quart Kit.

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FixWood Repairs Rotted Wood for Good

TotalBoat FixWood is great for permanent repairs to wood that's rotted, missing or damaged, especially if it's not feasible to replace the wood due to its unique shape or historic value. Just fix it in place with FixWood.

In cases of deep rot, the wood must be consolidated first so it's strong enough to accept FixWood. Use TotalBoat Penetrating Epoxy to consolidate punky or soft areas, then apply FixWood while the Penetrating Epoxy is still tacky, for maximum bonding strength.

TotalBoat FixWood Marine Wood Repair Epoxy Putty Features

  • High-strength, lightweight, marine-grade wood repair epoxy putty.
  • Repairs are permanent and 100% waterproof.
  • Easy to use, shape in place—no sagging.
  • Cures overnight and can be sanded, carved, or machined. No cracking or shrinking.
  • Can accept nails and screws just like real wood.
  • Cured material can be stained or painted to match surrounding wood species.
  • Compatible with all types of wood.
  • Flexes with the wood, without shrinkage or cracking.
  • Solvent-free formula has no noticeable odor and no VOCs.
  • For interior and exterior use above the waterline.


Kit Item Number  Size  Contents 
TB-2284-K  2-Pint Kit  1 pint resin & 1 pint activator 
TB-2285-K  2-Quart Kit  1 quart resin & 1 quart activator 
Technical Specifications  TotalBoat FixWood 
Mixed Color  Tan 
Application Temperature  50-100°F 
Cleanup  Acetone, denatured alcohol, or lacquer thinner 
Working Time (100 grams) @72°F  30-35 minutes 
Tack-Free Time @72°F  2 hours 
Dry Time to Sand @72°F  < 6 hours 
Full Cure @72°F  5-7 days 


Wear protective gloves, clothing, and eye/face protection while using TotalBoat FixWood. Always wear protective gloves when kneading or shaping FixWood by hand. When sanding FixWood, wear protective gloves, protective clothing, face protection, and a proper respirator. Be sure to read and understand the instructions and the safety information in the Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) before using this product.
BRAND: TotalBoat
Material: Epoxy
Type: Wood Caulk
Usage: Woodrot
4.2 13

Worked great


Used this product to fix a small area of my wooden boat that was a little pinky. It was easy mix and worked well.




Definitely would buy again


it worked out better than i expected, i thought it would be like bondo or plastic wood but its much tougher more adhesive and easier to put on, only issue was the mixing of both parts you need strong arms to get the 2 parts together


West River, MD


This product was very useful on my deck project .


I would purchase again. Mixing wasn't a problem but more difficult than Bondo Wood Filler. Your product sets slower so you can apply over a longer period of time. Takes one pair of Nitrile gloves per mix. Large defects are another good place to use this.


Bethany, Oregon


Wierd texture, Winning Results


Used it to fill a small void in an oar blade which will be covered in Dynel. Like other reviewers, I was dubious about the crumbly texture of the Resin. It mixed up fine though. Instructions indicated "by hand", which I came to understand was meant literally. Via gloved fingers and palms kneading the two equal parts together was child's play. The mix molded easily and equally easy to apply over the epoxy penetrated wood. Will be curious to ascertain its shelf life.


Weems, VA


Perfect for filling wood voids.


I only give this product 4 stars because it can be difficult to work with; however, it does perform exactly as it states. Regardless of how the product looks after you form it and after its cured, it does shape very easily.


Wicomico Church, VA


Good Product Result


Once I got by the fact that Part 2 was very dry and appeared to be old, and that the process of mixing the two parts together was a challenge, the performance of the putty was quite good. It has good adhesion qualities and sanded to a smooth and durable surface. If you have wood that has deteriorated including dry rot and want a product to fill and reshape it, this is for you.

Monte Carlo

Westport, Washington


Need to use penetrating expoxy first


I tried to use this product on dried and somewhat deteriorated teak interior, and would not stick to surface. I suspect I needed to use the penetrating expoxy as suggested in directions first.

Northern sailor



works ok


Material is a little dry which makes it more difficult to mix than the usual hole filler but works fine when applied to screw holes. Easy to sand smooth






Product was very dry and crumbly. Could not be properly mixed or spread. Had to throw it away.(I've already complained to JD)




Rotten to the core no more


Great stuff for filling a rotten board - works very easy, like modeling clay,,,


Tucson, AZ


TotalBoat FixWood Epoxy Putty



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