Ammex Heavy Duty Textured Orange Nitrile Gloves
Ammex Ammex Gloves
  • Ammex Heavy Duty Textured Orange Nitrile Gloves
  • Ammex 8 mil thick Orange Nitrile Glove
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Ammex Gloveworks 8 Mil Heavy Duty Textured Orange Nitrile Gloves

Ammex 8 Mil Heavy-Duty Textured Orange Nitrile Gloves keep your hands clean and protected when doing the toughest jobs. Their raised-diamond texture provides powerful grip in wet or dry conditions. 8-Mil thickness offers excellent puncture resistance, yet still allows excellent tactile sensitivity so you can do the job right. These latex-free and powder-free gloves eliminate skin irritation, make gloves easier to don and doff without tearing, & prevent contamination of freshly applied adhesives and coatings.

The bright orange color makes it easy for you to find the gloves or to see your hands in low light. Better yet, the textured pattern covers both sides of the gloves so you get more use from each pair and change gloves less often.

Available in adult sizes Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. See the Glove Sizing Chart to ensure proper fit.

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Gloveworks HD Orange Nitrile Gloves Features
  • Premium, heavy-duty (HD), 8 mil gloves handle tough jobs easily.
  • 3x more rip, tear, and puncture resistant than latex gloves.
  • More chemical resistant than latex or vinyl gloves.
  • Textured diamond pattern strengthens grip in wet or dry conditions.
  • Double-sided texture fits either hand easily to extend glove life.
  • Highly visible orange color makes gloves easy to see in low light.
  • Latex free gloves eliminate irritation from latex sensitivity.
  • Powder free for cleaner hands and cleaner coated surfaces.
  • Meets ISO 9001:2008 / ASTM F1671 specifications
Item Number  Size  Quantity 
AMX-GWON-42100  Small  100/bx (50 pairs) 
AMX-GWON-44100  Medium  100/bx (50 pairs) 
AMX-GWON-46100  Large  100/bx (50 pairs) 
AMX-GWON-48100  X-Large (Extra Large)  100/bx (50 pairs) 
Technical Specifications  Gloveworks HD Orange Nitrile Gloves 
Color  High-visibility orange 
Length  9-1/2 inches 
Thickness  8 mil 
Grade  Heavy-duty, industrial 
Texture  Raised diamonds 
Rip, Tear, & Puncture Resistant  Yes 
Chemical Resistant  Yes 
Standards & Certifications  ISO 9001:2008 / ASTM F1671 
BRAND: Ammex
Material: Nitrile
Type: Gloves
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Stand up much better than most disposable gloves and still fit snuggly.




Best Nitrile gloves


These are a heavier gauge than the regular blue nitrile gloves and they have a raised-diamond texture provides powerful grip. These are excellent for sanding and work where a good grip is needed. They won't tear easily and will last. Much better than the regular nitrile gloves.




Ammex Gloveworks 8 Mil Heavy Duty Textured Orange Nitrile Gloves



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