Epifanes Teak-O-Clean & Bright teak wood cleaner
Epifanes Epifanes
  • Epifanes Teak-O-Clean & Bright teak wood cleaner

Epifanes Teak-O-Clean & Bright

Epifanes Teak-O-Clean & Bright cleans and brightens drab, weathered teak wood quickly and easily to restore its original color and beauty. Its unique water-based formula cleans thoroughly, but is gentle on teak and other tropical woods. Best of all, it's not harmful to polyurethane or polysulfide deck caulking, unlike solvent-based cleaners.

For extended protection against weathering, treat the dried surface afterwards with Epifanes Teak-O-Bello (sold separately).

Teak-O-Clean & Bright is available in a 500 ml bottle.

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Teak-O-Clean & Bright Features

  • Cleans, brightens, reconditions, and rejuvenates weathered teak in one easy step.
  • Mild, solvent-free formula is safe for polyurethane and polysulfide deck caulking.
  • Ideal for older teak decks that can be damaged by traditional teak cleaners.
  • Suitable for use on teak, ipe, mahogany, iroko, and cumaru.
  • 1-part cleaner is fast and easy to apply; rinses clean with fresh water.
  • Can be used in fresh and salt water marine environments.


Container Size  500 ml 
Suitable Wood Species  Teak, ipe, iroko, mahogany, and cumaru 
Application Environment  Fresh or salt water 
Application Method  Clean, dust-free, lint-free cloth or rag. 
Thinner/Reducer  Do not thin. 
Coverage  40 sq. ft. per 500 ml, depending on surface 
Storage  Store away from direct sunlight, in a frost-free area. 

Instructions for Use

  1. Moisten the teak or other tropical wood with fresh water.
  2. Before use, shake the bottle to mix product thoroughly.
  3. Using a soft cloth or sponge, apply product liberally, and allow to soak into the surface for 5 minutes.
  4. Use a scrubbing pad or stiff brush to scrub the surface in the direction of the wood grain.
  5. Immediately after scrubbing the surface, rinse thoroughly with fresh water.
  6. To extend protection against weathering, treat the dried surface with Epifanes Teak-O-Bello.


Before using this product, read and understand the information on the label and in the SDS (safety data sheet). May irritate skin or eyes. May cause serious injury if ingested. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Do not ingest. Be sure to wear appropriate personal protective equipment including protective gloves, eye protection, and skin and clothing protection. Work in a well-ventilated area.

BRAND: Epifanes
Material: Water-Based
Number Of Parts: One Part
Type: Teak Cleaner
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I definitely recommend this product


This is the fourth product I have tried for cleaning the teak deck in my cockpit. All have worked pretty well, however, this has been the easiest to use, required the least amount of hard extra scrubbing and had minimal cleanup.


Punta Gorda, FL


Epifanes Teak-O-Clean & Bright



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