Epifanes Moltopren Foam Roller Cover
Epifanes Epifanes
  • Epifanes Moltopren Foam Roller Cover
  • 4 pack Moltopren rollers
  • 10 pack Epifanes foam roller covers

Epifanes Moltopren Fine Foam Roller Cover

Epifanes Moltopren Roller Covers provide an exceptionally smooth finish when applying premium paints and varnishes. These high-quality, high-density fine foam roller covers have a domed end cap that aids in cutting in. 4" roller cover length is ideal for smaller jobs, hard-to-reach areas, and touch-ups. Pair with an Epifanes brush for excellent results using the roll and tip method.

Available in a 4-pack and a 10-pack.

NOTE: Moltopren roller covers fit the ArroWorthy 4-inch roller frame ARW-RF10011 (sold separately).

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NOTE: 4-inch roller frame sold separately.

To purchase the ArroWorthy 4-inch roller frame that fits the Epifanes Moltopren 4-inch roller covers, choose model ARW-RF10011.

BRAND: Epifanes
Material: Foam
Type: Paint Rollers
4.0 1

Epifanes Rollers: Good for the Task/Wear Out


Went with Epifanes products to ensure continuity with the LP primer and enamel system. The rollers do a great job both vertically and horizontally ... however the edges (both flat and rounded) need to be monitored ... they tend to leave lines no matter what. Sometimes a lighter touch ... or slightly canting the roller helps. The roller covers tend to wear our or have diminished performance after about an hour ... change out regularly. Wish the Epifane provided a 9" roller for larger vertical surfaces ... the 6" work OK ... but one has to be careful about backrolling and lines. Found that Epifance LPU primer and enamel could be rolled with one pass ... and didn't like to be back brushed. Rolled paint levels out nicely without it.




Epifanes Moltopren Fine Foam Roller Cover



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