TotalBoat Thixo Gap Control Structural Epoxy Adhesive
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  • TotalBoat Thixo Gap Control Structural Epoxy Adhesive
  • Thixo Gap PRO 2:1 Mix Ratio Caulk Gun

TotalBoat Thixo Gap Control Structural Epoxy Adhesive

TotalBoat Thixo Gap Control is specifically formulated for structural bonding applications. This two-component, fast-setting thickened epoxy adhesive prevents too much epoxy from squeezing out when clamping pressure is applied.

It contains tiny glass spacer beads that ensure a minimum bond line thickness of .02 inches, controlling the gap to keep material thickness constant while curing. Thixo Gap Control is great for gluing laminates & skins, and ideal for high-strength deck to hull bonding.

Available in a convenient 450 ml cartridge with 2 static mixing tips. Extra tips are available in 2-packs & quantities of 12 or 60.

NOTE: To dispense Thixo Gap, you'll need our PRO Gun (see dropdown menu), a manual, two-component applicator with a powerful 26:1 trigger ratio that lets you lay down a perfect bead exactly where you need it.

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Mind the Gap with Thixo Gap Control Adhesive

Thixo Gap Control Adhesive is our solution to the problem of glue-starved joints caused when clamping pressure squeezes out too much epoxy during bonding applications.

This large 450 ml dual resin & hardener cartridge gives you more thickened epoxy and no hassle. It's ideal for large structural bonding projects and structural repairs above and below the waterline. The non-sagging formula hangs in place on vertical or overhead surfaces. It cures fast at room temperature to a hard surface that can be sanded, drilled, or painted.

Ideal working temperatures for Thixo Gap range from 55-80°F.

Thixo Gap fits a dual-cartridge 2:1 dispensing gun (resin 300ml + hardener 150ml), such as our PRO Gun (see dropdown menu). Additional tips sold separately.

IMPORTANT! Thixo Gap is not intended for use as a gap filler, and should not be applied with a material thickness over 1/2 inch. For an excellent gap-filling adhesive, use TotalBoat Thixo PRO (450 ml cartridge) or TotalBoat Thixo (185 ml cartridge).

Thixo Gap Features

  • Maximum strength, waterproof thickened epoxy for structural bonding & sealing applications.
  • Glass spacer beads keep the gap constant and even.
  • Versatile adhesive can be used on wood, fiberglass, reinforcement fabrics, composites, and metals.
  • Non-sagging formula stays where you put it.
  • Provides better stress distribution for long-lasting, reliable structural bonds.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cures fast at room temperature.
  • Cured epoxy can be drilled, sanded, or painted.
  • Can be use above and below the waterline.


Physical Properties  Value  Test Method 
Mixed Color  Buff  Visual 
Hardness, Shore D  82  ASTM D2240 
Tensile Strength (psi)  8,500  ASTM D638 
Tensile Modulus (psi)  372,000  ASTM D638 
Tensile Elongation (%)  7.4  ASTM D638 
HDT, Post cured (deg F)  133  ASTM D648 
Compressive Strength (psi)  9,600  ASTM D695 
Flexural Strength (psi)  13,200  ASTM D790 
Flexural Modulus (psi)  393,000  ASTM D790 
Tensile Adhesion (wood) (psi)  1,380  ASTM D4541 
Tensile Adhesion (aluminum) (psi)  1,890  ASTM D4541 
Tensile Adhesion (G10) (psi)  2,030  ASTM D4541 
Handling Properties  Value  Test Method 
Minimum Recommended Temperature °F  55  -- 
Resin Density @ 77°F (lb/gal)  9.6  ASTM D1475 
Hardener Density @ 77°F (lb/gal)  8.6  ASTM D1475 
Mix Ratio by Weight  100A:46B  Calculated 
Mix Ratio by Volume  2A:1B  Calculated 
Gel Time @ 77degF, 150g mass (minutes)  10  ASTM D2471 
Vertical Sag Resistance (inches)  0.5  Vertical Surface 
PRO Dual-Cartridge Dispensing Gun  Value 
Thrust, lbf  900 
Pressure, psi  268 
Drive  Manual 
Capacity, ml  300 (resin) x 150 (hardener) 
Mix Ratio  2:1 


Before using this product, be sure to read and understand all the information in the Technical Data Sheet and the SDS (safety data sheet). When working with TotalBoat Thixo Gap Control Adhesive, wear protective gloves, protective clothing, eye protection, face protection, skin protection, and an appropriate respirator. Always work outdoors, or in a well-ventilated area.

BRAND: TotalBoat
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Rate Of Cure: Fast
Type: Epoxy Adhesive
Usage: Bonding
4.9 7

Not cheap but well worth it


This is a great adhesive and the delivery-mixing scheme cuts way down on the mess. Love this stuff.




Used for mast repair


I used to mix west System with additives to thicken it for repairs but Thixo is so much easier to use. Don't get me wrong, West is good stuff, but the measuring and mixing and thickeners are a pain compared to Thixo in a gun. I buy the "wood" version to repair my glued-up spruce mast seams. This is just as a strong adhesive filler for small cracks that happen, not the gluing up of the mast staves, though that might work too.

Uncle Snowball

Boston, MA


Love it so far!


Definitely going to buy the best (and strongest) caulk gun I can find. When the tube is warm, (I set it on top of the steamer tube when I was steaming white oak ribs) it works like magic. A little harder when tube is cooler. The product itself seems to work fantastic on everything I've tried it on so far.


1000 Islands NY


Great product to work with!


I have used it on my Boston Whaler restoration. Won't sag....ideal for filling old screw holes.


Northern N.Y.


Good stuff


While it's a pricey way to go, when you measure it against the time to mix and bag epoxy to squeeze out a fillet, you come out ahead. That's my justification...




THIXO Thickened Epoxy


This stuff is awesome. I use to mix my own but usually had it cure while still in the tube before I finished the job. No worries with the THIXO.


Satellite Beach, FL


great product, i use it on cabinets


use it for cabinet work, holds well fills gaps

inboard 1

watervliet ny


TotalBoat Thixo Gap Control Structural Epoxy Adhesive



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