SoftPoint Industries Rubber Non-Skid Texturizing Particles White
SoftPoint Industries SoftPoint Industries
  • SoftPoint Industries Rubber Non-Skid Texturizing Particles White
  • SoftSand Rubber Non-Skid Beige
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SoftSand Rubber Non-Skid Paint Additive

Add SoftSand Rubber Particles to urethane, epoxy, and acrylic coatings to create an attractive, flexible, skid-resistant surface that feels better, looks better, and lasts longer than sand or other abrasive non-skid paint additives. Great for added safety on boat decks, hand grips, walkways, patios, pet ramps & more.

These spongy rubber granules are softer than standard abrasive non-skid additives, making them more comfortable to walk or kneel on. High-quality, durable granules have color pigment throughout, unlike other rubber non-skid additives made from recycled car tires—so the granules wear evenly & consistently, with no change in color. The long-lasting, stain-resistant surface remains attractive and easy to clean.

Choose Fine, Medium, or Coarse grade particles in 1/4 Pint and Pint sizes. Available in White and Beige.

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How Much SoftSand™ Do I Need?

  • 1/4 Pint of SoftSand - Add to 1 Quart of paint
  • 1 Pint of SoftSand - Add to 1 Gallon of paint


  • Rubber-based paint additive creates a comfortable, skid-resistant surface
  • Much more durable and barefoot-friendly than rigid particles like sand, aluminum oxide, pumice, plastic, and carborundum
  • Specially formulated elastomeric compound is not derived from scrap material
  • Excellent adhesion to acrylic, epoxy, and urethane surfaces in need of texturing
  • Superior weatherability, flexibility, & durability
  • Attractive color consistency
  • Non-staining
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Solvent resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Contains no free silica, which can be hazardous to your health
  • Ideal for a number of residential, marine, and construction applications, including decks, tennis courts, hand rails, pools, and much more


Item Number  Color  Grade  Size 
SPT-SR-101-WF  White  Fine  1/4 Pint 
SPT-SR-102-WF  White  Fine  Pint 
SPT-SR-101-WM  White  Medium  1/4 Pint 
SPT-SR-102-WM  White  Medium  Pint 
SPT-SR-101-WC  White  Coarse  1/4 Pint 
SPT-SR-102-WC  White  Coarse  Pint 
SPT-SR-101-BF  Beige  Fine  1/4 Pint 
SPT-SR-102-BF  Beige  Fine  Pint 
SPT-SR-101-BM  Beige  Medium  1/4 Pint 
SPT-SR-102-BM  Beige  Medium  Pint 
SPT-SR-101-BC  Beige  Coarse  1/4 Pint 
SPT-SR-102-BC  Beige  Coarse  Pint 
Technical Specifications   
Material  Proprietary, fully cured, cryogenically ground elastomeric particles 
Broadcast Application Method  Sprinkle the particles by hand or shaker directly onto the first coat of paint while it is still wet. 
Direct Addition to Paint Application Method  Mix the particles directly into the paint, then use a brush or roller to apply. 
Specific Gravity  1.4 (Approximately half that of mineral additives) 
Compatibility  Compatible with most solvent-based and waterborne paint systems, including polyurethane marine topside paints and epoxy or acrylic floor paints 
Quantity Needed for Non-Slip Surface  10-20% SoftSand rubber particles by weight 
1/4 Pint of SoftSand  Add to 1 quart of paint 
Pint of SoftSand  Add to 1 gallon of paint 
Recommended Number of Coats  Two coats generally create a more even distribution of rubber particles 

Important Safety Information

SoftPoint products contain no free silica. Crystalline silica (quartz) can be hazardous to your health. Breathing crystalline dust can cause the occupational lung disease silicosis, and may cause cancer and scleroderma. Always follow OSHA health standards when using crystalline silica dust.

BRAND: SoftPoint Industries
Material: Rubber
Type: Non Skid Additive
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