Pettit Premium HRT Antifouling Paint provides multi-season protection for both power and sailboats.
Pettit Z-Spar Pettit marine paint
  • Pettit Premium HRT Antifouling Paint provides multi-season protection for both power and sailboats.

Pettit Premium HRT Multi-Season Antifouling Paint

Premium HRT is a new multi-season antifouling paint that replaces Pettit Unepoxy Plus & Ultima SSA. Equally effective on both power and sailboats, this high-copper hybrid paint combines the durability of hard modified finishes with the antifouling effectiveness of ablative paints. Hybrid or hard finishes are great for high performance and trailered boats.

Hybrid Reactive Technology formula utilizes high-density biocide and film modifiers for better color consistency, less yearly build-up (less sanding), and lower finish weight, while providing a smoother finish than traditional paints.

For use on properly prepared fiberglass, wood, and steel hulls. Compatible over most other bottom paints. Contains cuprous oxide; do not use on aluminum.

Available in Gallons, in your choice of Blue, Green, Red, or Black.

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Premium HRT Features:

  • High copper content (45.7%)
  • Multi-season performance for both power and sail
  • Compatible over most bottom paints
  • Durable finish suitable for higher speeds and trailering
  • Replaces Pettit Ultima SSA, and Unepoxy Plus paints


Finish:  Flat 
Solids by Volume:  60%  
Solids by Weight:   40% 
Coverage:   500 ft2 /gal.  
VOC:  480 grams/liter (4 pounds/gallon)  
Biocide:   Cuprous Oxide 45.7%  
Flash Point:  >105℉ 
Application Method:  Brush, roller, airless or conventional spray  
Maximum Roller Thickness:  3/16" 
Number of Coats:   1 minimum per season with additional coat at waterline 
Wet Film Thickness:  3.75 mils 
Dry Film Thickness:  1.5 mils  
Application Temperature:  50℉ Min. / 90℉ Max.  
Thinner:  120 Brushing Thinner 
Dry Time  To Touch  To Recoat  To Launch 
90℉  15 mins  1-1/2 hrs  6 hrs 
70℉  30 mins  3 hrs  10 hrs 
50℉  1 hr  6 hrs  16 hrs 
WARNING: Pettit Premium HRT paints can expose you to chemicals including carbon black, Titanium dioxide, and cumene, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

BRAND: Pettit Z-Spar
Type: Copper AF Paint
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