ThickSet Clear Casting Epoxy 1.3 Gallon Kit
TotalBoat TotalBoat Epoxy
  • ThickSet Clear Casting Epoxy 1.3 Gallon Kit
  • ThickSet Clear Casting Epoxy 1.3 Quart Kit
  • ThickSet Clear Casting Epoxy 4 Gallon Kit

TotalBoat ThickSet Clear Casting Epoxy Kits

TotalBoat ThickSet Clear Casting Epoxy is perfect for thick casting, embedding & molding projects. Its water-clear, two-part formula makes DIY projects easy—just measure, mix, and pour! Simple 3 parts resin to 1 part hardener mix ratio creates a deep, glass-like finish on bars, counters and tables, highlighting the surface itself or the creative objects you've embedded, such as shells, bottle caps, and photos.

ThickSet lets you pour deeper single layers than you can with a traditional tabletop epoxy. For large pours (e.g., tables or slabs), you can pour single layers 1/2-in. to 1-in. deep. Small molds can be poured in single layers up to 2 in. deep. Long working time lets you experiment & have fun!

Choose kit size: 1.3 Quart, 1.3 Gallon, or 4 Gallon. Kits include 2 qt. size mixing cups, 2 stir sticks, 1 spreader & 1 pr. of lg. latex gloves.

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ThickSet Features

  • Specifically formulated for the thicker pours used in casting, molding, encapsulating & embedding projects.
  • Easy to use, even if you've never worked with epoxy before.
  • Simple 3 to 1 mix ratio.
  • Can be tinted with epoxy-safe coloring agents.
  • Long working time perfect for pouring large tables or slabs.
  • Low-odor, low-VOC formula is great for indoor use.


Easy Instructions for TotalBoat ThickSet Epoxy


Pour 3 parts resin and 1 part hardener by volume into a clean mixing cup (DO NOT mix more than 1 total gallon of material at a time).

2 - MIX

Stir for 2-3 minutes to mix thoroughly. Pour into a clean mixing cup and stir for another 2-3 minutes.

3 - POUR

Pour slowly, to minimize air bubbles. Use the spreader to help level out the layer. The maximum single-pour depth is 1" for large pours, and 2" for casting in small molds.

Step pouring additional layers: Wait until the previous layer is cool, but still soft enough to indent with a fingernail, and pour the next layer of ThickSet directly on top.


  • Multiple, step pours are recommended, rather than one thick coat, which will generate excessive heat, distorting the surface.
  • Do not place items hotter than 125°F on the cured surface.
  • Not designed for continuous UV exposure. If the item will be used outdoors, the cured surface must be coated with a UV-filtering varnish to prevent yellowing and fogging.

Should I Use TotalBoat ThickSet Epoxy or TotalBoat TableTop Epoxy?

Both of these epoxies give you beautiful results for crystal-clear coating, casting, embedding or encapsulating projects. However, TotalBoat TableTop Epoxy is more of a 'coating' epoxy, and TotalBoat ThickSet epoxy, is more of a 'casting' epoxy designed for thicker pours.

TotalBoat ThickSet Epoxy Advantages

  • Requires fewer pours to achieve final thickness of 1/2" and more
  • Reduces possibility of banding (ability to see individual layers)
  • Gives you longer working time at room temperature

Designed for thick casting, ThickSet allows you to do deeper single-layer pours than you can do with TotalBoat TableTop Epoxy. For example, you can pour a single layer of TotalBoat ThickSet 1/2"-1" deep when pouring into large areas or molds, and up to 2" deep when pouring into small molds.

TotalBoat TableTop Epoxy Advantages

  • Faster cure time for coating and shallow-depth embedding projects
  • Simpler 1:1 mix ratio (ThickSet is 3:1)

The maximum single-layer depth for TotalBoat TableTop Epoxy is 1/8"-1/4".

Item Number  Kit Size  Component Quantity 
TB-0044-K  1.3 Quart Kit  1 Quart TotalBoat ThickSet Epoxy and 1/3 Quart ThickSet Hardener 
TB-9963-K  1.3 Gallon Kit  1 Gallon TotalBoat ThickSet Epoxy and 1/3 Gallon ThickSet Hardener 
TB-9964-K  4 Gallon Kit  3 Gallons TotalBoat ThickSet Epoxy and 1 Gallon ThickSet Hardener 
Application Temperature  65°F-80°F 
Mix Ratio by Volume  3A:1B 
Mix Ratio by Weight  100A:28B 
Working Time @ 77°F  10-30 minutes, depending on mixing mass, material temperature, ambient temperature, mixing time, speed of mixing, speed of application, & casting and coating thickness. 
Gel Time @ 77°F (150g mass)  5.5 hours 
Thinner  Do not thin TotalBoat ThickSet 
Cleanup  Denatured alcohol (uncured epoxy) 
Coverage  1.5 sq. ft./gallon of mixed ThickSet, with a 1" thick layer 


For your protection, wear safety glasses, long sleeves, and disposable gloves to prevent contact with skin and eyes while mixing, pouring, and working with TotalBoat ThickSet. It's also very important that your work area is well ventilated.

BRAND: TotalBoat
Material: Epoxy
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Type: Clear Casting
4.3 12

Never buying again


Ruined 5 projects with this since my measurements were off the smallest bit


Cincinnati Ohio


Awesome product


Made river table and if you follow the steps it turns out perfect




Fantastic Epoxy


Great epoxy. Very easy to use. Perfect crystal clear beautiful results.

Kings Fine Woodworking

Aurora, Colorado


don't trust printed dry times


I had purchased this product because of its size. It is hard to find deep pour epoxy in less than 1 gallon kits so I went with this one. you really need to have temp control with this product. The dry times on the back of the container were no where near correct. I had a to get the room temp up to 80 minimum with a heat lamp over the sectional of live edge wood to properly dry. be careful though because if you are using this for connecting two pieces of live edge and you are trying to achieve a better cure using heat then expect the epoxy to want to bow the pieces. that god I had enough room to plane it dow.

jf design


I am ordering another kit as we speak!!


Works great for deep pours

County line logs and lumber

Scottsburg indiana


easy to use, works great for my wood/epoxy boards


I like using this product because 1. you can do pours thicker than just 1/2". I do pours 1-2" thick and there isn't a crazy thermal reaction like would get with the 2:1 mix. There aren't as much air bubbles with this. The one thing I kind of don't like is that is takes about 5-6 hours to set and thicken. It's good because I don't have to rush the pouring anymore, but I can only do pours in the morning so that I'm awake to stir up the epoxy to get the design or look I want in the epoxy. That's not too bad, but I wish the time it takes to set could somehow be shortened to like 1-2 hours?the 2:1 mix took like 15 minutes, why does the 3:1 mix have that big of a difference?


Milwaukee, WI




Absolutely great. Works great on deep pours.

Wood Whirler

Cabot, Arkansas


Worked ok


This is one of the only quart sized deep pour epoxy kits I could find . Not very happy with shipping time frame. Longer dry times than package recommend. struggled to remove air bubbles after 1" pour.

Jim the fisher

Bandon Oregon


Interesting product


Product is very low viscosity. That is great in some applications. It does seem that the pearlescent type pigments settle a bit. I have been doing river style charcuterie boards and have adjusted to occasionally stirring until the product thickens a bit.Cure time is very long as advertised. Took one piece out of the mold after overnight and it slumped. I now don't demoed for 24 hours.For my river boards I'll probably switch back to the slow 2:1. When I get around to doing some castings for wood turning I think the low viscosity on this material will be a big asset.


North Garden, VA


Yes, I really like the Three to one. I was using the 2 to 1


I make jars lined with pine cones, I like how it gets into all the cracks. And they have a lid.


Steubenville Ohio 43952


TotalBoat ThickSet Clear Casting Epoxy Kits



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