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Interstate Marine and RV Batteries

Interstate 12V Batteries let you spend more time on the water or in the great outdoors without having to worry about dead batteries. Choose from a variety of deep cycle, dual purpose, starting, and commercial battery models. All models are rated for wet use, except the AGM series (34M-AGM and 31M-AGM). See table below for details.

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NOTE: A core charge will be added if you do not exchange a dead battery with purchase of a new battery. A core charge is a type of deposit you pay when purchasing a battery, and is refunded to you when a battery is returned. The purpose of a core charge is to promote battery recycling.

Battery Types

Marine Starting Batteries (24M-XHD and 27M-XHD)

These powerful marine/RV starting batteries provide peace of mind and a reliable start for your power boat, sailboat, or RV—even in the harshest conditions. Manufacturer offers a 12-month free replacement warranty.

Marine Deep-Cycle Batteries (SRM-24 and SRM-27)

Whether your engine is running or not, these dependable batteries can power accessories (e.g., fish-finders). This popular line of batteries also provide strong, reliable starts. Manufacturer offers a 12-month free replacement warranty.

Marine Dual Purpose AGM Batteries (34M-AGM and 31M-AGM)

These powerful marine AGM batteries are a cranking battery and also provide reliable power for a trolling motor, so you won't get stranded up a creek. They can also power up all the comforts of home in your RV, even when the engine is off. Their service life expectancy is twice as long as a conventional alloy AGM battery. Manufacturer offers a 3-year free replacement warranty.

Commercial Batteries (31-MHD, 4D-XHD, and 8D-MHD)

Interstate's line of commercial batteries provide extra cranking power and can withstand long periods of extreme vibration without loss of performance. These durable, corrosion resistant batteries offer a deep reserve capacity and recovery rate, with an improved ability to accept and preserve charge for greater performance and durability. The 31-MHD is especially great for starting big boat engines to get you out on the water faster.

Product  Dimensions L x W x H  CA  RC (min @ 25 amps)  Weight 
ISB-31-MHD  13'' x 6-3/4'' x 9-3/8''  1190  195  59.9 lbs 
ISB-4D-XHD  20-3/4'' x 8-1/4'' x 9-5/8''  1250  295  97.5 lbs 
ISB-8D-XHD  20-3/4'' x 11'' x 9-5/8''  1750  450  132.2 lbs 
ISB-24M-XHD  11'' x 6-7/8'' x 9-1/2''  1000  135  44.6 lbs 
ISB-27M-XHD  12-3/4'' x 6-3/4'' x 9-1/2''  1000  182  53.6 lbs 
ISB-SRM-24  11'' x 6-7/8'' x 9-1/2''  690  140  43.6 
ISB-SRM-27  12-3/4'' x 6-3/4'' x 9-1/2''  750  160  50.3 lbs 
ISB-34M-AGM  10-13/16'' x 6-3/4'' x 7-7/8''  1000  125  47.2 lbs 
ISB-31M-AGM  13'' x 6-13/16'' x 9-7/16''  1190  190  69 lbs 

Additional Information for Each Battery

  • 24M-XHD - 12V, Wet
  • 27M-XHD - 12V, Wet
  • SRM-24 - 12V, Wet, Amp Hours 81
  • SRM-27 - 12V, Wet, Amp Hours 88
  • 31-MHD - 12V, Wet
  • 4D-XHD - 12V, Wet
  • 8D-XHD - 12V, Wet
  • 34M-AGM - AGM battery, 12V, Dry, Amp Hours 62
  • 31M-AGM - AGM battery, 12V, Dry, Amp Hours 100


BRAND: Interstate Batteries
Type: Batteries
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