Arbortech Power Chisel includes set of 7 chisels
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  • Arbortech Power Chisel includes set of 7 chisels
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  • Arbortech Power Chisel

Arbortech Power Chisel

The Arbortech Power Chisel is a free hand power carving tool ideal for detailed work like precise joints, lettering, rebates, recesses, textures and corners. Tackle carving and chiseling woodworking projects without the manual effort.

Revised tool design is a significant improvement upon the original Arbortech chisel, which was well regarded by woodworkers worldwide. Users enjoy lower vibration, less noise, and longer tool life. High power 600W (5 Amp) electric motor features up to 11,000 strokes per minute for smooth, powerful timber removal on even the hardest woods. This unique tool is both easy to use and safe, as the chisel will only engage its 1mm stroke when pressed into the wood.

Complete kit includes 7 chisels in a pouch, oil, and spare felt pad.

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Power Chisel Detailed Features

Safety: Extremely safe and easy to use. Chisel moves only when pressed against the wood.

Control: High frequency 1mm stroke back and forward, plus up to 11,000 strokes per minute for smooth, continuous and easy to control operation. This allows excellent surface visibility for precise work.

Performance: Get fast, highly effective chiseling action with less vibration and less noise. Quick-change function lets you change out chisels at the push of a button.

Versatility: Included 7 chisels in various gouge, sweep and v-gouge profiles, including 20mm, 18mm, 8mm, and 7mm sizes.

Kit Includes:

  • 600W (5 Amp) Power Tool
  • 7 Chisels
  • 1 15ml bottle of high pressure lubricant
  • 1 chisel pouch
  • 1 spare felt pad


BRAND: Arbortech
Type: Chisels
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