Fein MultiMaster Starlock Standard Triangle Sanding Pads
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  • Fein MultiMaster Starlock Standard Triangle Sanding Pads
  • Fein MutliMasterStarlock Triangle Thin Sanding Pads
  • Fein MultiMaster Starlock Triangle Super-Soft Sanding Pads

Fein Starlock Triangle Sanding Pads Hook and Loop

Fein Starlock Triangle Sanding Pads are designed for use with Fein Triangular Hook and Loop Sandpaper, "Stone" Sanding Sheets, and the Fein Non-Woven Abrasive Sheets.

Starlock Triangle Hook and Loop Sanding Pads are available in several formats.

Hook and Loop attachment.

Pack of two (2) each.

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The Starlock System

Fein's 3D, snap-in Starlock mounting system is the new standard for Fein oscillating multi-tools. This innovative design allows Starlock accessories to be interlocked in three dimensions for better stability, increased efficiency, and greater safety.

Starlock accessories are available in standard Starlock, Starlock Plus, and Starlock Max versions designed for use with specific Fein multitool power ranges for greater longevity of the multitool itself.

Fein standard Starlock blades are compatible with a variety of OMTs. Please refer to Using the Fein Starlock System for details.

Item Number  Pad Type - all Hook and Loop  Description / Sanding Sheets  Quantity 
FPT-6-38-06-129-22-0  Starlock Triangle Sanding Pad  Standard pad has plastic plate to prevent marks and damage. Use with triangular hook and loop sanding sheets.  2/pk 
FPT-6-38-06-142-22-0  Starlock Thin Triangle Sanding Pad  Thinner pad for flat, narrow openings, with plastic plate to prevent damage. Use with triangular shape, flat version hook and loop sanding sheets.  2/pk 
FPT-6-38-06-141-22-0  Starlock Super-Soft Triangle Sanding Pad  For special projects like paint repairs and repairing scratched aluminum rims; plastic plate prevents damage. Use only with traingle shape, super-soft, hook and loop sanding sheets  2/pk 

Starlock Triangle Pads Fit:

  • AFSC 18 QSL
  • AFSC 18 QCSL
  • FSC 500 QSL
  • Fein MultiMaster Cordless
  • Fein MultiMaster Top
  • Fein MultiMaster Start Q
  • Fein MultiMaster QuickStart
  • Fein Cordless MultiTalent QuickStart
  • Fein MultiTalent Start Q
  • Fein Professional-Set Caulking
  • Fein Professional-Set Wood
  • AFSC 18 QSL - Wood
  • Refer to Using the Fein Starlock System for other compatible OMTs.


Attachment Type: Velcro
Type: MultiMaster Abrasive
2.8 6

Fein MultiMaster Triangle Sanding Pads


We use our MultiMaster frequently both at our all wood home and to sand teak on our Hans Christian sailboat. The pads do wear out at the tips if I am purposefully sanding in areas that require detail, but I am usually very cognizant of wear on the tips of the sandpaper itself. rotating the sand paper triangle seems to lengthen the life of the hook and loop pad. We have not expreienced the "melting" issue experienced by others and have used out Fein tool for over three years (a lot). Charles Hall; s/v First Light


Hampton, Va.


Sanding pad melts


After my first sand job with this tool (very mild application to some window trim) the sanding attachment had melted at the pressure points. I hadn't applied much pressure at all. Now the sanding pads won't attach because the 'hooks' are a melted mess.


Rexburg, ID


Peels apart


I love the Fein multimaster but they really cheaped out with these replacement pads. After having three of them fall apart, pad peeling right off the smooth stainless plate to which they are glued, I took them to the drill press, countersunk holes in the pad, screwed them each together with 3 SS #8s with nylon locknuts and ... viola, no more problem. This would have been much easier if done before they fall apart. Matter o' fact, it would be even easier if theey were manufacturered that way. For the prices being charged for Fein attachments, they should do this to start (and custom engrave them and put them in a velvet-line box)! Just my too sense.


Hull, MA


Fein multimaster sanding pads


Need to be VERY careful when changing sanding sheets, as it's easy to pull the sanding pad apart.


Lynnfield, MA


Work great, easily damaged, expensive


If you are doing a lot of detail sanding you will want to get a stack of these. They work great but are awfully expensive. Keep an eye out to make sure your sandpaper doesn't wear down too far -- the next step is into this part. In theory if you always change your sandpaper in time you will never need to change this. In reality you will change them every 20 pads or so.




They work well except for...


The Fein multimaster is a great tool that I use all the time in the restoration of a 45 year old sailboat. And these sanding pads work very well except for the fact that I have pulled the rubber pad off the metal backer on everyone I have owned accidentally by removing the sandpaper when it is spent. The hook and loop holds so well that the glue holding the pad to the metal backer lets go before the hook and loop does. You have to be very careful to pry the sandpaper off the rubber pad.


Brooksville, FL


Fein Starlock Triangle Sanding Pads Hook and Loop



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