Fein MultiMaster Sanding Finger Pads Hook and Loop
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  • Fein MultiMaster Sanding Finger Pads Hook and Loop

Fein Starlock Sanding Finger Pads Hook and Loop

Fein MultiMaster Sanding Finger Pads are ideal for sanding narrow areas, grooves, and curves. Hook and Loop attachment, with a plastic plate to prevent damage to adjacent surfaces.

Sold two (2) per pack.

Starlock blades and accessories are compatible with Fein MultiMaster and most OMTs.

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The Starlock System

Fein's 3D, snap-in Starlock mounting system is the new standard for Fein oscillating multi-tools. This innovative design allows Starlock accessories to be interlocked in three dimensions for better stability, increased efficiency, and greater safety.

Starlock accessories are available in standard Starlock, Starlock Plus, and Starlock Max versions designed for use with specific Fein multitool power ranges for greater longevity of the multitool itself.

Fein standard Starlock blades are compatible with a variety of OMTs. Please refer to Using the Fein Starlock System for details.

Starlock Finger Sanding Pads Fit:

  • AFSC 18 QSL
  • AFSC 18 QCSL
  • FSC 500 QSL
  • Fein MultiMaster Cordless
  • Fein MultiMaster Top
  • Fein MultiMaster Start Q
  • Fein MultiMaster QuickStart
  • Fein Cordless MultiTalent QuickStart
  • Fein MultiTalent Start Q
  • Fein Professional-Set Caulking
  • Fein Professional-Set Wood
  • AFSC 18 QSL - Wood
  • Refer to Using the Fein Starlock System for other compatible OMTs.


Type: MultiMaster Abrasives
1.6 5

Poor product


I had two of these finger sanders shed their bases. I was using 100 grit paper and sanding lightly in each case. Fein says they will provide replacements but they need to improve this item. The Fein and other attachments are an awesome tool otherwise.

Capt Bill

Grenada West Indies


Don't waste the money


Use the larger pads and cut or bend them to fit. You get more paper options and the paper will stay on.




Fein Fails - Poorly Designed Product


This produce has now been on the market for at least three years. It is lousy. It is easy to ruin a [$] pad in just a few minutes. The defects are well outlined in other comments, and it is sad that Fein still had not fixed this badly designed product. I use it - but very carefully - no pressure - and not for too long a time. I pre-sand by hand or with other pads and reserve this for really tight places. But this is a rip-off. Base on the cost to mfg., and the short mtbf - it should be sold at $2.00 and let Fein make the profit in the expensive sanding sheets for the pad.




Use with caution


This is not a heavy duty sanding attachment.I used it to help sand the sole of my 40' Endeavour, for hard to reach spots, as well as bulkheads and louvers. Due to heat buildup, the velcro melts off causes the attachment to be unusable very quickly. Use at slow speeds, don't push it hard, stop often for it to cool down.If you own the multimaster its a good attachment to have, just understand its limitations.


Corpus Christi Texas


Very good but not great


The double sided sanding finger allowed me to use my MultiMaster to sand in some hard to reach places while preparing the underside of a wooden boat deck before painting. Unfortunately, the tip of the finger got hot and the velcro on the back of the finger and on the sand paper fused. As a result the finger would not hold the tip of sanding pads. I think this attachment is best used doing very light work.


Warwick, RI


Fein Starlock Sanding Finger Pads Hook and Loop



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