Sika Primer 209D
Sika Sika
  • Sika Primer 209D

Sika Primer 209D

Sika 209D primer is used to prime painted surfaces and plastic substrates prior to bonding with Sikaflex adhesives. This low viscosity, black pigmented liquid dries when exposed to the air (specifically, reaction with atmospheric moisture). Formerly known as Sika 209N. 1/2 pint.
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Areas of Application

Sika Primer-209D is suitable for application to the following substrates:

  • Plastics Acrylic (PMMA)
  • Polycarbonate ABS, etc.
  • Paints Acrylics
  • Alkyds/melamins

    Because paints and plastics vary so much in their chemical composition, preliminary trials are necessary. Always seek the manufacturer's advice before using the primer on plastics that are prone to stress cracking, such as acrylics, polycarbonates or ABS.

      Technical Specifications

    • Density : 8.3 lbs per gal
    • Stability : Very Good
    • Cure Mechanism : Moisture Curing
    • Flash Point : 25 F
    • Colors : Black
    • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place
    • Application Temperature : 40 F to 110 F
    • Service Temperature (Continuous) : -40 F to 190 F
    • Drying Time : 30 min at 73 F/50% RH
  • BRAND: Sika
    Type: Primer
    3.3 4

    Disappointed with Jamestown


    I purchased this 209 Primer and it was shipped to me on 5/16/17, it expires at the end of July. It is close to $90 a bottle and I used very little of it. How about Sika providing smaller amounts, or Jamestown and other distributors prorating the price depending on shelf life? It has a 9 month shelf life, but, I was down to 2.5 months when I got it.

    RV-7A driver

    Helena Mt


    WAY too much for a boat owner to do two windows


    Product seemed fine but as with the activator, there was WAY too much. I had two windows to do on my boat. I think the can I paid over $50 for could have done a couple hundred at least. Plus, the same cost and amount of overrun on the activator made this almost a $200 project to rebed two deadlight windows on a sailboat. Ridiculous. Plus, one of them came with a "best used by date" that was only 45 days away. Kind of makes a tube of silicone look a lot better.


    Bayfield, WIsconsin


    Had good success in fitting hatch lens


    The manufacturer has a good write up on how to use this product. It worked as advertised with no leaks now for 4 years. My only complaint is that the 1 part primer is expensive and has a short shelf life, so you use what you need and throw the rest away. In my case, the two Bomar hatches I fixed used about 5% of the primer so most of it was discarded.


    Ventura CA


    Great Stuff for new hatch replacement


    Great stuff however it has a shelf life and the volumn is all or nothing.... Too much for small jobs yet necessary for the installation process.

    Boat Project vs. Captain

    Panama City FL


    Sika Primer 209D



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