Sikaflex 295 UV
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  • Sikaflex 295 UV

Sikaflex 295 UV

Sika 295 UV is a fast curing, one-component, flexible, high performance polyurethane-based adhesive bonding polycarbonate and acrylic windows, or sealing open joints between glass, ceramics, fiberglass, metals, as well as many types of plastics and paints.

This 1 part polyurethane sealant air cures to a durable elastomer. It is suitable for all types of organic (PC, PMMA) windowpanes. 295UV also provides superior UV and weathering resistance. Use with Sika primer 209.

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SikaFlex 295i UV Features and Benefits

  • Low VOC
  • No added solvents
  • Excellent UV and weathering resistance
  • Suitable for organic glass like PC or PMMA
  • OEM approved
  • Easy workability
  • Resistant to seawater and fresh water
  • Silicone free
  • Wheelmark certified


Colors  Black, White 
Tack-free time*  60 Minutes 
Elongation at break (DIN 53504)   700% 
Tensile strength (ISO 37)  290 psi 
Application temperature  +50 F to +95 F (+10 C to +35 C) 
Service temperature (continuous)  -40 F to +195 F (-40 C to +90 C) 
Service temperature short term (>4 hrs)  250 F (+120 C) 
Shelf life  12 months 
Application method  Hand- or air- gun 
*=at 23 C and 50% relative humidity   
Below Water Line (yes/no): No
Material: Polyurethane
Rate Of Cure: Fast
Strength: Good
Type: Adhesive Sealant
Usage: Bonding
4.3 15

My goto for hatch lens replacements


Never had a problem, it certainly out lasts the actual lens.


Rochester, NY


Sikaflex Caulk - Top shelf stuff!


First I would say that I struggled with the cost of this stuff. You can buy exterior caulk that is UV resistant at the local box store for about 1/3 the price. I actually did get some and did some testing in order to compare before I ordered more since I didn't order enough to start with. I used this caulk as a deck seam compound. My deck is made of western red cedar, not teak but has the same sort of look. The Sika is a superior product to anything else that I tried. I tested some DAP and 3 M. Both the DAP and 3 M cured faster but seemed to shrink down in the seams whereby in comparison, the Sikaflex took a bit longer to cure, gave off more of an odor but then maintained it's fullness in the seam.


Lawson, Missouri


This is the best caulkimng for setting exterior windows with


Thanks for the free shipping on the last order. Another comimng soon


Salem Ma


I will use Sikaflex 295 again for sure.


Product was great but Jamestown Distributors failed to send me the screw on dispensing tubes (as pictured) the last couple of times I ordered this product from them. This is a problem because no one around me sells just the screw on tubes for this or similar products.


Yorktown, VA


Sikaflev 295 FAILURE!


The UV designation is a joke. They recommend that a UV tape is used to shield the uv rays from destroying the primer bond to the glazing. Also after only 2 years the windows started popping put after a trip to Bermuda and the other vessel cruising offshore East coast to the Keys. The Sikaflex system was used on a Dean and an Outremer catamaran. Both boats had catastrophic failure of the seal.


Florida and RI


Great Product


Expensive, messy. Watch vises on utube first. Use thin gloves, lots of thinner and plenty of tape to pull off excess




Good product


I used the product to repair some swimming pool slate that kept falling off. The product was used to seal the top of the slate to the wall of the pool.


San Jose del Cabo


Mask off area well


This stuff is thick. I used a cheap caulking gun and my hands really got a workout squuezing the stuff out. Get a good caulking gun!


Little River, SC


Works extremely well!!


I agree with the others as to the messiness of the product...especially if you aren't careful with it, or fail to tape and mask your work areas. Other than that...It does the job extremely well, and it was easy to use. I have re-bedded the windows on our trawler and they turned out great. I like the fact that after 6 months in the Florida sun much of it summer and full exposure to the sun...there has been zero fade, bleeding of color, peeling, or separation. I am very pleased with this product and the way it turned out!!


Punta Gorda, FL


Replace fixed windows on Catalina 30


Watch the video and look carefully at the plastic tip before cutting so you understand the upside down V. Try on a test board first. Its not difficult but merits some practice. The actual installation went smoothly. Ended up with clean lines and water tight seal. I used four screws in corners rather than the ten I'd taken out on my Catalina.


New London CT


Sikaflex 295 UV



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