Stanley Instant Change Utility Knife with Retractable Blade
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  • Stanley Instant Change Utility Knife with Retractable Blade

Stanley Instant Change Utility Knife with Retractable Blade

Retractable Utility Knife

This instant change utility knife has a 6-1/2-inch handle and a push-button quick blade change system (no tools required). Curved, soft-grip handle for better comfort and balance. Comes standard with three razor utility blades.
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BRAND: Stanley Tools
Type: Utility Knife
2.2 16

Not worth the time


I liked the design of the handle and the promise of quick and easy blade changes. After 20 minutes of trying to install the blade with numerous consultations with online user reviews, I still was unable to properly seat the blade. I returned it to the local hardware store, and none of them were able to get the blade in either.


San Diego


Worst Ever


First, I had trouble removing the label. I had to put glasses, and after looking through the fine print on both sides several times, I finally found the only directions--tear here to remove--on the back side, written vertically in small print. But I wasn't able to tear it, it was so difficult I had to get scissors. After finally getting the label off, I was never able to get the yellow button pushed in, after trying my best to move the silver sliding button on top as far forward as I was able. I went online, found the Stanley website and model #10-788, clicked to view the video instructions offered on the page for this specific tool, model # 10-788, only. Guess what? It gave instructions for three utility knives, and none were this one. It told how to remove a screw to replace a blade on the simple version!! I guess no one there could figure it out, so they left this version off the video.A utility knife is a simple tool, it's hard to imagine how to make it complex and unusable--but they did!


San Francisco


Broke it trying to remove the label


Cardboard store label is ridiculously difficult to remove, requiring customer to completely disassemble the knife in order to remove. While wasting 10 minutes of my time trying to figure out how to get it out, i ended up breaking off the handle. Very frustrating design!


Ontario, Canada


HORRIBLE directions and function.


The instructions are really terrible. That said, I did figure out the sequence in which to use them, the problem is, it's not a simple 1,2,3. There's a lot of wiggling and trial and error to get all three parts in the EXACT (very touchy) corect position so that they finally go into place correctly. Push the little yellow button too hard, or not hard enough? ...won't work. Don't have the blade assembly pushed forward in the exact micro-millimeter position? ..won't work I'd rather have had the old fashioned unscrew and replace the blade one. (unfortunately they didn't carry it and I was in a hurry).I would NOT recomend this, unless you like frustration and spending more time putting in the blade than you do on the hobby.


Denver, CO


Nice concept, lousy product


To start, it's a bad sign when the packaging is as tough as the product - a great way to dislike the knife before you even begin. Next, the microscopic instructions are worthless. Did anyone review/critique the package information before it went to the printer? Was that the smallest font they could use? Now for the function: Nothing works as well as advertised. The blade extension and blade changing mechanisms feel cheaply made, as does the extra blade holder. I don't expect it to last any longer than the five utility knives already resting at the bottom of my tool box. I gave it one star only because I got it dirt-cheap on sale.

Rick the Reviewer

Auburn, WA


Piece of junk


Blade removal and insertion very poor. Instructions are also poor




Good Solid Ergonomic Grip


Just finished up a job using this knife - cutting dry wall overhead on the ceiling. The sturdy ergonomic design was a real plus. Changing the blade was not too hard, once I got tips from the other reviews. Stand out tool.

Ally Cat

Washington, DC


Good knife, worthless instructions.


Like many of the others, at first I had a very difficult time installing the blade. The instructions are tiny and not very concise. The trick to getting the blade in or out is to extend the blade beyond the normal extended position. Then you can easily depress the yellow button to change the blade. The replacement blade compartment is also less than intuitive. other than that, the knofe works just fine.

King of the Highway

Davenport, Iowa


Dumb Instructions


Yes, the instructions are worthless! You must extend the blade lever completely out (towards the black rubber up front) and then depress the yellow button while putting the blade in, otherwise the blade will go beside the holder that's inside and it just falls back out. Once you figure it out it works pretty good!



Quality control?


It always amazes me how so many products can be made and sold with, apparently, no one checking to see how they function. Such is the case with this knife! Inserting the blade and have it actually stay in is a real challenge. The directions are worthless!

Rick the termite

Green Bay Virginia


Stanley Instant Change Utility Knife with Retractable Blade



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