Thru Hull Step Wrench 1/2 inch - 1-1/2 inches
  • Thru Hull Step Wrench 1/2 inch - 1-1/2 inches

Buck Algonquin Thru Hull Step Wrench

A Thru Hull step wrench prevents the thru hull fitting from turning while the nut is tightened.

Designed for Buck-Algonquin Thru Hull fittings from 1/2 inch up to 1-1/2 inches. This tool may not be compatible with fittings from other sources.

Not For Removal Of Old Thru-Hull Fittings.

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BRAND: Buck Algonquin
Type: Thru-Hull Wrench
4.6 5

Worked Great


Worked great to install new 3/4" thru hull. Haven't tried it yet, but looks like it would also work for thru hull removal


Bristol RI


Helpful for install


I bought this wrench to help remove and install new thru hulls. (Note that the description plainly states that it is not for "removal"). If I could have had enough room inside of the bilge for the thru-hull removal, the wrench might have worked but we ended up just grinding the mushrooms off the thru-hulls and then using the tool for the reinstall. Worked great and we (two person tool only, one on the boat inside and one outside holding the tool with a monkey wrench) were able to quickly reinstall new thru-hulls. Couldn't have done it without this tool.


Cortez, FL


Thru Hull Step Wrench 1/2 inch - 1-1/2 i


I found it very useful both to put in thru hulls and also to remove them - I don't know why the manufacturer says it is not suitable for removing thru hulls. It's robust, heavy duty and does what it's designed for.

Cruising yachtie from Oz

Deltaville Boatyard, Virginia


Works well for install, removal depends.


If the thru-hull is old, its knobs/keys that the wrench locks into may be gone. Then the wrench is useless and you either try vice grips or a grinder and grind off the ring of the TH. For an install, the tool was VERY helpful to tighten the TH from the outside where there was not room for a wrench on the inside nut.


US Virgin Islands


Gets the job done


You can put a wrench on it without any problem.


Green Cove Springs, Florida


Buck Algonquin Thru Hull Step Wrench



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