Trailer Boat Guides, tie down marine boat guides for trailers 86105
Tie Down Marine Tie Down Marine
  • Trailer Boat Guides, tie down marine boat guides for trailers 86105

Trailer Boat Guides

Boat guides help enter your boat and trailer quickly and easily. Tie Down Marine boat guides can adapt to all tube and channel trailer frames. Features heavy duty 4 ft. by 2-3/8" PVC guide tubes. Includes all necessary hardware.
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BRAND: Tie Down Marine
Type: Boat Guides
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I would not buy this again


This picture on the website doesn't really show the wide angle this product has. The box the guides came in show a 90 degree angle, but upon installing the guides the angle is so bad I have to be careful not to have the guides intruding into the oncoming traffic lane. I just returned from my first boating fishing trip after installing and plan on removing the guides and finding a machine shop that can heat and bend the guides so they do a better job and are safe. This is a bad design. It's easier to fix the problem than to return the guides because they are so heavy , bulky etc, besides I let the box get wet in the rain. The construction and material is fine, but nothing can make up for a design that has to be changed before it can be safely used.




Guides well, but sticks out too far


I had to mount a wedge under both inside mounts to keep this more straight up. It still leans out too much. Great for getting the boat on in a bad wind or tide, but we have to trailer the rig home with oncoming traffic! Way too much angle for the intended use. Almost straight up I have found is much better, as my previous boat had(21 Ft). This on an 18ft takes up more traffic lane than my 21 ft!

Red fisherman

Central Florida


Trailer Boat Guides



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