Boat Trailer Bunk Slicks
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  • Boat Trailer Bunk Slicks

Trailer Bunk Slicks

  • Bolts directly onto carpeted bunk boards
  • Fits 2 in x 6 in or 2 in x 4 in standard bunk boards
  • Slide on or off with less effort
  • Easy to Install (see instructions below)
1. With the boat on the trailer, determine the forward most point where the boat makes contact with the bunks.
2. Unload boat from the trailer.
3. Place Bunk Slick centered on the rear end of bunk so that the bunk slick is even with the end of the carpeted bunk.
4. Space Bunk Slicks on carpeted bunk and space evenly with no more than 12 inches between each Bunk Slick.
5. Area to be "covered" is from the rear end of the carpeted bunk to 5 inches past the most forward point where the boat hull comes in contact with the carpeted bunk (below).
6. Using the screws provided, attached the Bunk Slicks to the carpeted bunks
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Tech Spec Product Info User Generated Content
Part Number  Size  Quantity 
TIE-86164  3 in x 16 in  10 pieces 
TIE-86170  1-3/4 in x 17 in  8 pieces 
BRAND: Tie Down Marine
Type: Bunk Boards
2.0 1

Trailer Bunk Slicks


Screws are to short and don't bite the wood well. They can be stripped to easy. I will have to replace with longer screws to be safe




Trailer Bunk Slicks



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