Double Sided Vacuum Bag Sealing Tape AT-200Y Yellow
  • Double Sided Vacuum Bag Sealing Tape AT-200Y Yellow

Vacuum Bag Sealing Tape

Mastic tape vacuum bag sealant for airtight seals between vacuum bags and molds. Easy to work around difficult angles patching small leaks in the system.

Choose from Yellow multi-purpose, high-tack tape for use at higher temperatures up to 400°F, and economical Black, low-profile tape for use at room temperature and at temperatures up to 250°F.

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Yellow AT-200Y Sealing Tape Features

  • Economical, high-tack, multi-purpose sealant tape.
  • For use at higher temperatures–up to 400°F.
  • Can be removed easily from composite tools or metal.


Item Number  D312 
Product Code  AT-200Y 
Maximum Usage Temperature  400°F 
Color  Yellow 
Dimensions  1/8 in. D x 1/2 in. W 
Length of Roll  25 ft. 
Base Material  Synthetic rubber 
Storage Temperature  72°F 
Shelf Life  13 months from date of manufacture 
BRAND: Jamestown Distributors
Material: Epoxy
Type: Vacuum Bagging Supplies
4.7 3

best vacuum infusion bag sealant that i know.


apply this double sided tape and it never hardens up or dries out. It is thick and yet pliable. it doesn't stick to your fingers.


lake Murray, sc


Great Product!


This tape is much better quality than I've bought from other suppliers. The others wouldn't stick at all (not allowing to draw a vacuum) but this product worked as described/expected. It worked great on a small carbon fiber layup I recently did. And as always the super-fast shipping from Jamestown is GREAT!




Sealing Tape Wonder!


I tried another companies sealing tape, and lets just say it cost me, however Jamestown was here to save me with extremely fast shipping, and this sealing tape was 3 times better than the "others" out there!Love the products Jamestown


Milford, CT


Vacuum Bag Sealing Tape



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