Vacuum Bagging Release Fabric
  • Vacuum Bagging Release Fabric

Vacuum Bagging Release Fabric

Release Fabric, also known as Peel Ply is a tough, finely woven nylon fabric treated with a release agent. It is used to separate the absorber breather and vacuum bag from the laminate in vacuum bagging operations.

Excess epoxy bleeds through and is peeled from the cured laminate along with the Release Fabric. Peels easily and leaves a smooth textured surface ready for bonding or finishing. Not recommended for post-cure temperatures over 120 F (49 C). Release Fabric comes 60 inches wide by 2 yards, 10 yards, or 100 yards.

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Very good release cloth (peel ply)..


This fabric works great and is easy to use. It peeled away easily from my epoxy layup and did its job just as designed.

Mark Z

West Kentucky


Release fabric mad it all soo easy


After installing lyayers of glass, G10 and then more glass the whole assembly was held in place by way of a hand operated jack that pressed a thin layer of plywood against the release fabric holding the whole assembly in place. Came apart after the epoxy reacted with out any difficulty.




Works great to get a smooth finish


Works great - I'd suggest you practice with a small area at first!


Nashville TN


Buy the Other Fabric Instead!


I bought this release fabric when Jamestown was out of stock of my preferred manufacturer's product. The salesman told me it was a very similar product. It is not.I have had problems with this product in use. The nylon fabric is not nearly as thick or strong as the product I typically use. It is too thin and stretches too much, leaving bubbles and folds in the fabric. I had a lot of extra work to do on my boat as a result. Just save yourself the trouble and buy the better alternative product.


Riva, MD


Vacuum Bagging Release Fabric



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