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WEST System Graphite Powder

WEST SYSTEM 423 Graphite Powder is a fine black powder that can be mixed with epoxy to produce a low-friction exterior coating with increased scuff resistance and durability. Epoxy/graphite is commonly used as a bearing surface, and as a coating on rudders and centerboards, or on the bottoms of racing craft that are dry sailed. It does not provide antifouling qualities. The epoxy/graphite mixture can also be used in teak deck construction to simulate the look of traditional seams and to protect the epoxy from sunlight. Cures to a black color.

Add to mixed resin/hardener at the rate of up to 10% by volume (approximately 5.7 oz. per B group).

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Material: Graphite
Type: Additives
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WEST System 423 Graphite Powder


I used it as pigment to go with the 5:1 TotalBoat epoxy (slow hardener) as a bottom paint for my sailboat. It mixed thoroughly and looks great! I used a tablespoon for every 5 pumps of resin and hardener.



Great product!


I'm laying a teak and epoxy main deck on my boat build. This graphite powder mixed with West High Density filler makes for an excellent glue and gap filler in between the teak deck strips. The end result is a traditional looking teak deck with the durability and water tight capability that only epoxy provides.


Bordentown, NJ

Another use


We don't build boats. We use the epoxy to attach ebony overlays to musical instrument fingerboards. The black allows us to use ebony with wormholes that we previously had to reject. It works well.

McSpadden Dulcimers

Mountain View, AR


Great Product


I used this to provide a friction resistant barrier coating between the wood shaft and glass blades on a paddle I built.

El Creno



WEST System Graphite Powder



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