3M 7500 HalfMask Facepiece Respirator
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  • 3M 7500 HalfMask Facepiece Respirator

3M 7500 Half Mask Respirators

3M 7500 Replacement Facepiece; if you have had the same facepiece for as long as most people, it's probably time to replace it. This is a great improvement in terms of comfort and wearability over the 6200 series mask (which we also sell). This small half facepiece was designed with the wearer in mind. Its soft sealing surface along with a uniquely designed 3M Cool Flow Exhalation Valve enhances wearer comfort and face fit.

Maximized comfort in air purifying respirators means not only easy breathing filters and cartridges, but also a soft comfortable facepiece. Half facepiece air purifying respirator users can now experience state-of-the-art features that help provide unsurpassed comfort with 3M Half Facepiece 7500 Series, Ultimate Reusable.

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3M 7500 Series Silicone Half Mask features:

  • 3M Cool Flow Exhalation Valve design helps make breathing easier, and helps reduce heat and moisture buildup in the facepiece
  • Advanced silicone material provides a softer feel on the face
  • Unique adjustment design helps reduce tension and pressure points on the face for unsurpassed comfort
  • May be used with any of the 3M Filters and Cartridges (Series 2000, 5000, 6000, 7093)

Packout Pro Kits include everything you need for Paint Spray applications:

  • 3M 7500 half facepiece respirator
  • Pair of 6001 Organic Vapor Cartridges (07046)
  • Pair of 501 Filter Retainer Rings (17668)
  • 4 P95 Particulate Filters (5P71)
  • Available in Small, Medium and Large


Respirator: Half Mask Respirators
Type: Respirators
4.3 10

works good






Fits well and does what it's supposed to.


Excellent when sanding or painting: save your lungs!

Sailing Norm

Crisfield MD


Comfortable design


Comfortable design, Easy to use.

STEVE at RestHarrow Boatworks



half mask


even though I worked as a boat builder for 2 companies I am using this for home(garden)work & to spray laqurer & stain on furniture




a healthy item to have around


its your health protect your lungs it only takes a minute to put it on.


parma oh.


3M 7500 Respirator


Pass on this one if you wear eye glasses. Both sizes, small and medium interferred with eye glasses. The filter attachment to the respirator was flimsy and poorly designed. Stick with the comparable North equilivent.

Harrison, Presto Maritime Associates

Pascoag, RI


Great respirator!!


Great when used with wood dust and fiberglass


Newport News, Va


Great for sinus trouble


With chronic sinus and lung trouble worst in dry,cold air and have used many different facemasks for 35 years. The 3M 7500 with 2091 filter is so comfortable I wear it every day. Inside the mask is "little Hawaii" a plenum of clean, moist, warm air. My nose stays moist and nasal irritation and congestion are all but eliminated. At work and play, especially in cold, dry north wind, I am given a life free of sinus trouble with this mask.As a cabinet maker in the mid 70's I learned the power of the binks automotive mask, charcoal with paper prefilters in preventing sinusitis. I found lighter weight masks for particulate matter.The only time I ever did as well without a mask was living on Oahu for 18 months. Thus I dub the 6000 and 7500 "little Hawaii".

Hiz Sinus

Redding CA


works great


I use mine for everything from sanding to spraying gelcoat. You know its a proper fit and really works when all you smell is nothing at all!

Tommy 4 fingers

Palm Beach FL


Comfortable Fit


If you have to wear one, make sure it's comfortable. The upgrade from the 6200 mask is improved with a softer, better sealing silicone material, much like on a good quality dive mask. I used this mask while needle gunning steel hulls in the winter time. Not a very comfortable job to begin with, but the respirator made the cold dust and acetone fumes bearable in confined spaces. The dust ring around my face showed how well this mask seals. If you gotta wear one, don't skimp. Cheaper than a doctor visit!

Jeremy, First Mate

Hyannis, MA


3M 7500 Half Mask Respirators



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