BoatLIFE Life-Calk Solvent & Cleaner
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BoatLIFE Life-Calk Solvent & Cleaner

BoatLIFE Life-Calk Solvent & Cleaner is a general purpose solvent removes uncured polysulfide sealant and grease from tools and equipment. Ideal as a cleaner to prepare seams for caulking. Removes tape residue. Cleans engine parts. 16 oz.
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Type: Thinners and Solvents
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Powerful solvent


Nearing the completion of a 5 yr. sailboat restoration I decided the (2) cabin windows needed replacing. Over time I've found different, inexpensive solvents to use for various projects. For this project, BOAT LIFE Life Seal from J.D. was the recommended product to use for bedding the new polycarbonate windows. The cost for the Life Seal Silicone/Urethane sealant was substantial and I was tempted to use a substitute solvent.I am happy I kicked in the extra money to buy this solvent and must say I have never seen a product quite like this one. It is powerful enough that, after cleaning away the old silicone with tools, BOAT LIFE Solvent dissolved whatever silicone film was left remaining.After bedding the new glazing, the solvent made cleaning the excess, new, uncured "Life Seal" a breeze.This was one instance I allowed good reasoning to override the wallet and am very satisfied with that decision. I used the solvent liberally but the one container I purchased for 20 bucks should do the whole job, which was my prayer.It could certainly be used more sparingly, but in my case I used half of the can for one window.That would be the amount used, in my case, to prep before caulking and cleanup afterward which did the job for 10 lineal ft, start to finish. And MANY disposable shop towels plus 5 pair of latex gloves.Looking back, I am glad I did not leave home without it.




BoatLIFE Life-Calk Solvent & Cleaner



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