WEST System epoxy kit
WEST System West System epoxy
  • WEST System epoxy kit

WEST System Epoxy Kit

Our West System Epoxy kit contains everything you need to tackle epoxy repairs and fiberglassing projects. Each kit includes a gallon of West System 105 resin (105B, .98 gal), 205B (fast) or 206B (slow) hardener, mixing pumps, 6 ounce fiberglass cloth, mixing sticks, the official West System user manual, and the West Fiberglass Restoration book.

205 fast hardener is used primarily in cooler temps or for a more rapid cure. 206 slow hardener is used in warmer temps or when more work time is needed.

The Gougeon Brothers (founders of WEST) have been producing an effective epoxy for boat building and woodworking for over 35 years. While items may also be purchased separately, purchasing the complete kit saves time and money.

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  • WSY-105B, WSY-205B (fast kit) or WSY-206B (slow)
  • WEST Mixing Pumps
  • 3 Yds x 38 inch wide 6oz Fiberglass cloth
  • WEST Reusable Mixing Sticks
  • WEST User Manual
  • WEST Fiberglass Restoration Book


Both epoxy kits come with the WSY-300 standard plunger pump, but are compatible with the 306-25 and 309 Pumps. The Resin to Hardener ratio for the 105B Kits is 5:1 by either weight or volume. When combined with 105 Resin in a five-part resin to one-part hardener ratio, the cured resin/hardener mixture yields a rigid, high-strength, moisture-resistant solid with excellent bonding and coating properties. These kits are not intended for clear coating.
  105 Fast Kit (205 Hardener)  105 Slow Kit (206 Hardener) 
Mixed Quantity  1.2 Gal. (4.55 L)  1.2 Gal. (4.55 L) 
Saturation Coat - Pourous Surfaces  350-405 sq. ft. (32-37 sq. m)  350-405 sq. ft. (32-37 sq. m) 
Build-Up Coats - Non-Pourous Surfaces  462-520 sq. ft. (43-48 sq. m)  462-520 sq. ft. (43-48 sq. m) 
Pot Life at 72 F (22 C)  9 to 12 mins.  20 to 25 mins. 
Cure to a solid state  6 to 8 hours  9 to 12 hours 
Cure to maximum strength  1 to 4 days  1 to 4 days 
Minimum recommended temperature  40 F (4 C)  60 F (16 C) 
Mix Viscosity at 72 F (cPs)  975  725 
Specific Gravity of Cured Resin  1.180  1.180 
Compression Yield at 1 day (PSI)  10,120  7,990 
Compression Yield at 2 weeks (PSI)  11,418  11,500 
Tensile Strength (PSI)  7,846  7,320 
Tensile Elongation (%)  3.4  4.5 
Tensile Modulus (PSI)  4.08E+05  4.60E+05 
Flexural Strength (PSI)  14,112  11,810 
Flexural Modulus (PSI)  4.61E+05  4.50E+05 
Heat Deflection Temperature (F)  118  123 
Onset of Tg by DSC (F)  129  126 
Ultimate Tg by DSC (F)  142  139 
Izod Impact, notched (ft.-lbs./in.)  0.93  0.54 
Material: Epoxy
Number Of Parts: Two Part
Type: Epoxy Resin
4.8 24

I would buy again


Great to work with, no smell.




West System proves it's reputation


I needed to replace a defective stringer in 1973 Mastercraft and heard that the West System was the best product to use in conjunction with the new wood. The product was easy to use and the "kit" came with everything needed. Jamestown Distributors had the best price, delivery was quick and support was excellent.


Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri


Great, easy to use product.


I am a wood worker and use this product to fill open knots, splits, checks, cracks, etc. in rough sawn slabs. The pump dispensers are great! It doesn't get any easier than that.




It works


It works as advertised. Didn't use it to repair a boat, used it to repair gaps and knot holes in the deck, deck table and chairs, hickory hardwood floors where our dog had dug and chewed holes.


Rabun Gap, Georgia


Full circle excellence.


I use this product for strengthening and filling cracks in wood for fine furniture. Adding dyes as necessary. The product is great. As is the price, prompt shipping and packaging.


Lower Hudson Calley, New York


Epoxy Kit by West Systems, is a great bargain for Beginners


I like the easy to measure attachment pumps, pretty dumb proof. The supplied stir sticks are easy and clean up nice after the epoxy dries. Just what I was looking for in Epoxy.




No PhD in chemical engineering needed


I've read about WEST System epoxy since I believe college. Maybe never had the time but I've just retired and for the first time used the WEST system glueing up a dory bottom. Had I used the WEST System when I first read about it, I would have lived a totally differenc life. I've never had a better glue up and can't stop thinking about the next project and the next. I've always wanted to sail a boat I built myself to Bermuda. With the WEST System it will happen.

Harpoon Harry

Eastern Shore of Maryland


1962 Corvette


Great for fiberglass work on classic cars and hot rods. The cloth gives good rigidity for body lines and structure. Glass work is always messy so thats really the only con.




Great product


The pumps make it easy to use.I do not recommend using the slow hardner when temps are in low 50's. Takes too long to set up. But West System is an outstanding product that I will use on all my boating projects.




Right stuff


a good proven epoxy


elizabethville, pa


WEST System Epoxy Kit



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