Lanocote, fastener lubricant, corrosion inhibitor
Forespar Forespar
  • Lanocote, fastener lubricant, corrosion inhibitor

Forespar LanoCote

Forespar LanoCote is a non-toxic corrosion inhibitor that displaces water, absorbs corrosion, forms a moisture barrier, penetrates and has high lubricity above ground, underground and underwater. LanoCote is a soft, non drying barrier, that is non-conductive, providing protection for electrical contacts and panels. LanoCote prevents salt water penetration, thread seizure and protects batteries from corrosion.
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BRAND: Forespar
Type: Anti-Seize
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lanocote use on elec. and antcorrosion


This is the best product on today's market to prevent corrosion in most applications especially elec. and disimilar metal problems with boats. The spray application is best for wide coverage such as elec. It used to be available in an aerosol can but now only in a hand pump spray. The aerosol was easier to use, it's a shame it has been dropped. Can be used on the entire inside of an outboard motor and virtually does away with the effects of salt water. Simply amazing. The product never dries and remains tacky so it will collect dust etc.




Forespar LanoCote



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