3M 8000 Particle Mask
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3M 8200 Particle Mask

Provides relief from non-toxic dusts. Not for use in spray paint or any toxic applications. This mask is not a respirator and offers no respiratory protection. It is designed to filter large particles of dust only.

Old Part # was MMM-8000

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Use for particles such as those from sanding, sweeping, processing minerals, flour, and certain other substances. Liquid or non-oil based particles from sprays that do not also emit oil aerosols or vapors

Do Not Use for, Gases and vapors, oil aerosols, asbestos, arsenic, cadmium, lead, methylene dianiline also know as MDA, or concentrations that exceed 10 times the PEL/OEL, specified OSHA standards, or applicable government regulations. This respirator does not supply oxygen.

Respirator: Disposal Facepieces
Type: Respirators
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