Stanley Bullnose Rabbet Plane 12-978
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  • Stanley Bullnose Rabbet Plane 12-978

Stanley Bullnose Rabbet Plane

The Stanley Bullnose Rabbit Plane is 10" long and has a 1-1/2" cutter width. One piece cast iron body and handle. All working surfaces are accurately machined for precise results. The rear cutter has precise depth adjustment.

Rabbet planes are great because of the power that the user can deliver by using a full handle as opposed to being relegated to your fingertips with a regular plane.

This plane has two seats for the blade: one for regular work, and the other for bull nose work. It is fitted with a spur, a removable depth gauge and adjustable fence. When used in the rear seat, the cutter is adjustable. Length 8-1/4 (205mm), cutter width 1-1/2 (38mm).

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BRAND: Stanley Tools
Type: Rabbet Plane
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