Festool HL850E Plus planer, Festool HL 850 E power tool
Festool Festool
  • Festool HL850E Plus planer, Festool HL 850 E power tool
  • Festool HL850E Plus planer, Festool HL 850 E power tool
  • Festool HL850E Plus planer, Festool HL 850 E power tool

Festool HL 850 E Planer

Using an electric planer right up to the edge or on rabbets (rebates) often produces unsatisfactory results, as the machine leaves a lip that has to be removed by hand - unless you have the Festool HL 850 E planer.

The HL 850 E lets you work in dead spots because it can plane across the entire width of the rabbet. The one-sided head support makes this possible. It means that the planer head is flush with the other side of the planer casing. It's also safe. The side guard swings up as the rabbet depth increases. Planing up to the edge in deep rabbets is no longer a problem.

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The HL 850 E planer is equipped with the unique spiral blade. Because the blade is drawn across the workpiece at an angle and cuts more gently into the workpiece, it produces less noise and an absolutely smooth surface. Since the planer head has only one blade, blade changing is faster - it takes less than a minute. No blade adjustment is necessary. With many planers, the chip ejection unit is on the wrong side and in the way 50% of the time. Luckily, Festool engineers understand the problems of day-to-day work, and come up with solutions. The chip ejection unit and the chip extraction port switch between left and right to suit the job at hand. There's no longer any need to lose time cleaning up afterwards.

The 90° V-shaped groove in the sole-plate of the HL 850 E planer prevents the planer from slipping or running out when chamfering boards and beams. For reliable and precisely contoured chamfering, simply set the planer on the workpiece and away you go. The infinitely adjustable cutting depth is another instance of Festool's careful design. You can correct the cutting depth from 0" to 9/64" while planing, without lifting the planer off the workpiece and without taking your hands off the handle.

Different textures can bring life and beauty to surfaces. All you have to do is change the planer head. Our three "rustic" planer heads are perfect for giving wood a rough-hewn look.


  • Power consumption: 850 watts/7 amp 120 volts AC
  • Drive shaft speed: 10,000 rpm
  • Cutting depth: 0-9/64" (0-3.5 mm)
  • Rabbeting depth: unlimited
  • Head width: 3 15/64"" (82 mm)
  • Noise level at idle: 79 dB(A)
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs. (3.9 kg)


BRAND: Festool
Type: Planer
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