Festool RO 125 FEQ Rotex Random Orbit Sander Kit with stickfix, brilliant hook & loop abrasive pads
Festool Festool
  • Festool RO 125 FEQ Rotex Random Orbit Sander Kit with stickfix, brilliant hook & loop abrasive pads
  • Festool RO 125 FEQ Rotex Random Orbit Sander
  • Festool RO 125 FEQ Rotex Random Orbit Sander

Festool RO 125 FEQ Rotex Random Orbit Sander

If you need fast material removal plus smooth fine sanding, but only want to buy one small tool, the Rotex 125 is for you. It switches from random orbital sanding motion to Rotex rotary orbital motion, to cover fine sanding, rough sanding, and polishing all in one.

Toolless backing pad change with only your hands. With the Festool jet stream technology near total dust extraction is achieved when using this sander with a dust extractor or vacuum. StickFix system allows easy sanding pad changes with a hook and loop discs. Exceptional ergonomics and light weight at only 4.4 lbs

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Kit Includes: Festool RO 125 5" random orbital sander, Stickfix hook & loop soft HT 5" sanding pad, 1 Brilliant P120 abrasive, "Plug-It" detachable power cord in Systainer 2 storage case


  • Power consumption 500 W/4.2 amps 120 V AC
  • Pad diameter 5" (125 mm)
  • Speed, rotary motion 300-600 rpm
  • Speed, eccentric motion 3000-6000 rpm
  • Sanding stroke 9/64" (3.6 mm)
  • Weight 4.4 lbs (2 kg)
  • Uses StickFix hook and loop sanding pads
  • Dust extraction port built in


BRAND: Festool
Current: 120V AC
Drive Type: Electric
Type: Random Orbit Sander
4.7 6

Quality Product!


Using sander for bottom paint prep. Makes the project muck quicker and keeps the dust contained with the vacuum system.

John G.

Worcester, MA


Serious Sander


I use this for rough sanding wide woods that won't fit in my planer or drum sander. It's very aggressive and requires some time to learn how to control it. It can easily gouge surfaces. This is NOT a finish sander!Because of its aggressive nature and large body diameter, it requires two hands or one very large, strong hand to hold and control it.Festool makes top-of-the-line tools and this is no exception. It will take everything you can give it but it will fatigue the user during prolonged use. The CT-26 vacuum that came with this is absolutely a dream dust collection vacuum. It's quiet, very powerful and well designed. If I knew, I would have bought one sooner. Superior vacuum!

Julimor Creations

Chicago, IL


Work Horse


second one I've bought this year. will buy 2 more next year. Coupled with a vac is the best dust collection sanding I've experienced. I connect this sander to a Cleantex 26 with HEPA filters as am so impressed with the power, performance & cleanliness. The customer support from Festool is beyond great! This sander can handle anything you can imagine. The guys in our shop reach for this sander first, that tells me allot.

Old Home Rehab

Kalamazoo, MI


a versatile tool


I use this tool on various boat refinishing projects. In rotex mode with a coarse grit paper it can remove wood or paint fast. In random orbital with a polishing felt, it can polish glass. With an amazing number of abrasive types and grits, it can do everything in-between. The 125 version is big, but still fits comfortably in my hands. I would not buy this tool without one of the Festool vacuums. As good as the sander is, it could be that the vacuum is the best part of the package.


Portland, OR


Easy to use, works well


I am using this along with the CT 22 vacuum/collector. Both are fantastic. Build quality is superb, function is excellent. Noise levels are low. The sander itself is comfortable to hold (power sanders always make my hands buzz after using them), switches and controls are simple and can be operated while wearing gloves. Power cord and hose connect easily, and don't come off while working. Both were actually made in Germany, very impressed with design and construction. It's the little details like a simple mechanism to hold the top up on the vac so you can change filters easily (with the kit box loaded into the top and it won't tip over even when the vac is empty). Came with a small sample pack of abrasives.I am using it to strip paint off the top and bottom of my O'Day Daysailer (17'). I had both sides of the bottom done in 45 minutes. This was only the second time I have used a power sander, but it came out very well.Although the package is a substantial investment, it is an investment. From what I have seen this tool should last many years, and will save many hours of work prepping and repairing my boat.


Haverhill, MA


Great tool, good investment


The Festool RO/Rotax sander's been a dream compared to all the big box store sanders. Our boat is bright hulled, we sand a lot, I would not want to go back to the old sanders. Strongly recommend a vacuum system, though, as the dust removal increases life of the discs and will probably increase the life of the sander.


Chester, MD


Festool RO 125 FEQ Rotex Random Orbit Sander



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