Festool LS 130 Linear Sander, Duplex detail sander
Festool Festool
  • Festool LS 130 Linear Sander, Duplex detail sander
  • Festool LS 130 Linear Sander
  • Festool LS 130

Festool LS 130 Linear Sander

The Festool LS130 linear sander is designed for surface sanding on all surfaces. Surface finishing can be the most tedious part of a job, but also one of the most important.

Power tools speed the task on flat surfaces, but up until now tongue and groove joints, rabbets, and profiles have often left even the best-equipped craftsman with no alternative but a sanding block and elbow grease - and hours of tiring work. Not any more!

Festool introduces a revolutionary new power tool that makes detail sanding faster, easier, and cleaner. The new linear sander is designed for professional use with the quality and reliability you expect from Festool.

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  • Outstanding results and economic labor saver on rebates and profiles with a working stroke of 5/32" (4 mm) and a sanding surface of 3"x 5"
  • The variety of sanding bases and abrasive materials for specific applications ensures a wide range of uses
  • Straight linear motion with no impacts against sides of rebates
  • Faster than manual sanding - up to three times faster
  • Cleaner than manual sanding, with dust extraction port
  • Quick, easy and toolless sanding base change using the ingenious FastFix system

Package deals include:

  • 1 Standard StickFix sanding pad 3" x 5" (80 x 133 mm)
  • 90° sanding pad
  • 2 abrasive sheets
  • Plug It cable
  • Systainer 1
  • your choice of 5 possible CT Dust Extractor Vacs


BRAND: Festool
Current: 120V AC
Drive Type: Electric
Type: Rectangular Sander
5.0 1

A Must Have


If you do a lot of brightwork, especially wide cap rails this is a must have. It took me awhile to warm to the price but now I'm sorry I waited so long. Very rarely will I know have to hand sand! The LS130 linear sander has a nice feel in the hand and unlike most of the other sanders that are just a fraction to large for my small hands this is a perfect fit. I recently had to refinish the helm sole of a Selene 53'. It only took me a few hours to do the final sand with my LS130, I figure it cut my time by 4 hours!This tool is really working smarter.

Suzy (Yacht Zen)

Seattle, WA


Festool LS 130 Linear Sander



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