japan drier for drying paint
Klean-Strip Klean-Strip
  • japan drier for drying paint

Klean-Strip Japan Drier

Klean-Strip Japan Drier is used to accelerate the drying of oil based paint, enamels and varnish. 2 to 4 ounces treats 1 gallon. Not for use with synthetic finishes. It is especially useful for speeding the drying of slower colors. Use a conservative amount as too much drier causes darkening and cracking of the paint.
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BRAND: Klean-Strip
Type: Additives
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great product for exterior varnish


I varnished my teak rails on my Grand Banks with japan dryer mixed in. I was worried about the rain. The rain never came but 3 hours later the ground crew came by and were cutting the grass. There were blades of grass and dust flying all over my rails. Without Japan Dryer my work would have been tacky and all the varnish would have been ruined. But it was dry and just wiped off.

The Don of Brightwork

Palm Beach Gardens, FL


works better than advertised


repainted over non drying polyeurathane with japan dryer added about 1ounce to a quart , amazing results , quick dry , no adverse problems

big D

vancouver washington


Klean-Strip Japan Drier



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