StarBrite Premium Golden Teak Oil
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  • StarBrite Premium Golden Teak Oil

StarBrite Premium Golden Teak Oil

StarBrite Premium Golden Teak Oil is a unique formulation, based on natural oils and polymers to provide long lasting protection for teak surfaces. Gives teak a natural warm golden color, with ultraviolet absorbers. It penetrates deep into Teak wood to seal and protect with UV inhibitors that resist weathering and fading.

In independent testing, Starbrite teak oil outperformed other brands and has received a number 1 rating. Its natural golden color won't darken teak, but rather highlights and enhances grain.

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Starbrite teak oil comes from the forests of Burma, extracting from tung trees under exacting quality control standards. Oils with incorrect Beta factors darken teak and turn rancid. Starbrite modifies the chemical structure of the tung oil, so it dries faster and bonds better to wood surfaces. They add polymers for superior ultraviolet light protection.

Other oils are too thick, and don't dry properly, leaving sticky residue that attracts dirt. Some are thick and don't dry properly, This darkens the wood and gives it a dinghy appearance. Some have a Beta factor that can actually damage teak. Some even use linseed oil to cut costs. Such treatments are thin and provide no meaningful protection. Don't be fooled by imitators.

BRAND: Star brite
Type: Teak Oil
3.7 3

Leaves nasty brown spots.....


Star Brite initially looks good..until dew settles on it overnight..then the residue drips on the area below and creates nasty brown spots..Have to use polish to remove them. Now, about a month later, most of the Star Brite oil is gone, but also fewer drips..have to wait till all the teak turns gray again, and then clean the fiberglass below the rails.


Oakland, Calif


Will buy this product again and again


This is the only product I will use on Teak!!!!!It is the best.

Caretaker of boats and homes

North Haven Island, Maine


Great Teak Oil!


Has worked very well on our teak swim platform.


Galesville, Md


StarBrite Premium Golden Teak Oil



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