Snappy Teak Nu teak wood cleaner, restorer, and oil
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  • Snappy Teak Nu teak wood cleaner, restorer, and oil

Snappy Teak-Nu

Snappy Teak-Nu is a two-part teak cleaner and restorer used to achieve that freshly sanded look. Teak-Nu removes rust stains, fish blood and fuel stains. It will not soften deck seams. Cleans without hard work or bronze wool. Brushes sold separately.
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Instructions for Applying Teak-Nu:

  • Make sure that you have everything you need before you start. It is important to use rubber protective clothing and well as eye goggles. You will also need a hose with spray nozzle and buckets for diluting Snappy Teak Nu. If the deck is in bad shape, concentrated Teak-Nu may be used, otherwise dilute 1:1 with water. On decks that are not warn down soft white "Scotch Brite" pads may be used instead of the special brushes supplied.
  • The deck must be thoroughly wet before applying Snappy Teak - Nu. Water however, makes the soft teak even softer. Softened teak is easy to damage with vigorous brushing, so be careful! If you get Snappy The same is true of some simple varnishes. Taping the aluminium protects it, and even waxing helps.
  • Apply No. 1, using brush No. 1. Brush across the grain using a force equal to that force you use when you wash your hands. Do not mix the brushes as the two liquids(No.1&2) neutralize each other. If SNAPPY begins to dry into the deck (sunny day) spray lightly with water. SNAPPY works only in a wet environment. Do not be afraid that your deck turns almost black in color. That indicates Snappy is working.
  • You now have 2 alternatives If you do not have aluminium in the area you can rinse away liquid No.1, with water. Before rinsing however, wait a few minutes so that Snappy can work deep down in the wood. If, however, you do have aluminium use alternative number 2. which is to apply liquid No.2. directly on top of liquid No1 without rinsing. This creates a neutral mixture which cannot effect aluminium when it is rinsed off at a later time. This mixture is also better for the environment.
  • The next step is to apply liquid No.2. Use exactly the same technique as used when applying liquid No.1. Almost immediately your deck will begin to lighten in color. Again wait a few minutes so the liquid can work deep down.
  • Lastly, using water, spray thoroughly. Make sure that no Snappy remains. It is best at this time to rinse the entire boat. If after drying an area has been missed, or does not look optimal, just repeat the process for just that area. If this be the case use alternative No.2, that is apply liquid No. 2 directly over No.1 without rinsing. These areas will blend together leaving no seams. Snappy Sealer applied, after the deck is dry, will preserve your deck the entire season.
  • BRAND: Snappy Boat Care
    Number Of Parts: Two Part
    Type: Teak Cleaner
    4.7 15

    Snappy review


    I have used Snappy since the '80's when I had a sucessful yacht maintenance company in St. Pete Fl.


    Santa Fe NM


    I would buy this product again


    Our boatyard detailer and fiberglass specialist recommended Snappy Teak to us. It exceeded my expectations, saved us weeks of sanding.


    Cheyboygan, Michigan


    Great deal Snappy Teak Nu


    Bought a 30 yr old Sportfisher that hasn't had the teak touched in years. This cleaned it quickly and easily




    Teak cleaning


    This product worked beautifully. My neighbor at the lake refinished teak swim platforms and they looked really great. The product was super easy to use and performed flawlessly.


    Devils Lake, MI




    I have used this product before on a Teak patio set , and it always does an excellent job. I now just used this product on a couple of Brazillian Cherry wood Adirondack chairs. The chairs had turned a black / gray color. After using this product on Cherry wood , it brought back the original warm red luster of the wood. The chairs look BRAND NEW again. This product requires a bit of elbow greese , but does a fantastic job of restoring Cherry wood as well as Teak. HIGHLY , HIGHLY recommended.


    Long Island , New York.


    Great stuff, but be careful


    This product works great, but you need to be careful not to get it on you. I read that you need more of Number 2 than 1 and they were right. I used one bottle of #1 and two of #2 and it worked out fine for a really bad teak bench that I sanded first. It takes more of the neutralizer than the actual cleaner. The result is very good and much better than I ever expected. It was a great lesson in restoring Teak as I am a sailor and expect to use it again on some boat restoration.


    Lancaster PA


    Leaking Bottles


    I received this product in apparently good condition in a sealed plastic bag, but at least one of the bottles leaked and contaminated both brushes as well as removing most of the printing on the bottles, making it questionable which bottle is part one.


    Snoqualmie, WA


    I would buy this product again and again


    Great product, easy to use and really brought a tired teak deck back to life!


    Gales Ferry, CT


    Great Product


    This product works great for cleaning teak that is unfinished or teak oiled. End result is equal to days of sanding. It is not strong enough to remove Watco teak oil "finish."

    Salty Dawg



    Snappy Teak-Nu for Lluan (sp)? floor


    We use Snappy on our Lluan (sp)? porch floor and have used it for 16 years. I use a shop vac with it, and it does an amazing job. The floor looks like new. We had used it on the teak on our boat before selling the boat and buying an old farm.


    Lowell, Vermont


    Snappy Teak-Nu



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