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AMAZON'S Pure Tung Oil

AMAZON'S Pure Tung Oil is 100% natural for the ultimate in wood preservation and enhancement. Higher viscosity seals the woods surface while maintaining the beauty of the grain. Used by fine furniture builders the world over... even on the most exotic woods. Easy wipe on application. Non-flammable. Sold in pints.
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BRAND: Amazon
Type: Tung Oil
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Great Product.


I used this to treat a couple Greenland Kayak paddles- worked well. Can't figure out why anyone would purchase anything other than 100% pure oil- you can always thin it with mineral spirits if you want- I wonder how much Tung oil is actually in the other products labelled as Tung oil. Sure this is a little more expensive- but you are getting a better product with no hazardous odors.


New Jersey


AMAZON'S Pure Tung Oil



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