Plain weave kevlar cloth
  • Plain weave kevlar cloth

Kevlar Cloth - Plain Weave

Plain weave 5 oz. Kevlar cloth is a high tensile strength and high modulus composite fabric, great for canoes, kayaks and racing shells where maximum strength and minimal weight are critical. Impact, tear and penetration resistance is far superior to fiberglass. 0.01 in thick 58 inches wide. Sold by the yard.
$36.14 / yd
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Kevlar was developed in the early 1960's by Dupont. Assuming the same weight, Kevlar is literally five times stronger than steel. Kevlar fibers also have 43 percent less density than fiberglass. Originally developed to replace steel tire belts, it is an aramid with high strength and notable heat resistance. Kevlar's biggest weakness is its lack of compressive strength.

Why is Kevlar so useful for composites? A few reasons:

  • Thermal properties
  • Highly flame resistant
  • Can handle temperatures to 320 degrees F for extended periods with ease
  • Significantly lighter than even E-glass
  • Will not melt (at 800 degress F it begins to decompose)
  • BRAND: Jamestown Distributors
    Type: Kevlar Cloth
    Weave: Plain
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