Muriatic Acid, Gallon
  • Muriatic Acid, Gallon

Muriatic Acid

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Muriatic Acid is a strong, corrosive, inorganic acid (HCl), manufactured by absorbing hydrogen chloride in water. It is one of the most corrosive of acids, and is particularly destructive to cellulose, breaking the cellulose chain into even smaller units, resulting ultimately in its complete hydrolysis. It is the same chemical as Hydrochloric Acid.

Uses include cleaning brick, etching concrete, cleaning metal and for swimming pool maintenance. Will attack varnish, fabrics, metals, plastics, most paints and many other materials. Can be diluted with water.

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Directions for working with Muriatic Acid:
  • Wear protective clothing, rubber gloves and plastic safety glasses while using. To etch or clean concrete and masonry or metal:
  • Dilute to desired strength by adding acid carefully to water, avoid splashing.
  • Start with a highly diluted mixture and strengthen gradually (1 part acid to 20 parts water).
  • Apply solution. Bubbling indicates solution is strong enough.
  • Flush thoroughly with clean water and immediately after cleaning or etching is complete.

    Cleaning Masonry With Muriatic (Hydrochloric) Acid

    Masonry can be very alkaline, which makes for poor adhesion of paints, etc. Washing masonry with muriatic acid neutralizes the alkalinity, leaving it in optimal condition to accept paints and other coatings. When cleaning masonry with muriatic acid, a powdery residue is left on the surface. Once that residue is rinsed off, you are left with a very clean, coating friendly surface.

  • Personal Safety

    Muriatic acid and its fumes are extremely destructive. They can damage or discolor most materials on contact, including metal, wood, natural stone, masonry, fabrics, and vegetation. Always use caution and test before using. Wear protective clothing, rubber, gloves and plastic safety glasses when using this product. Avoid splashing. If container shows signs of deterioration, dispose of properly.

    BRAND: Back To Nature
    Type: Thinners and Solvents
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    worked well for us


    I am a first time user of this product. It was recommended by a plumber friend and although I was extremely apprehensive at first I am glad I used it. It solved my drain problem so far. If the drain works well in the morning---HOORAY for me.


    Oakland, California


    I would buy this product again


    I found this by chance:A few drops down a fire ant nest, kills the nest forever. I found this to be true of all other types of ant nest that I tried. The nest is dead and does not come back!Steven D. Campbell


    Pioneer CA


    Can cause skin burns and lung problems


    Muriatic Acid is diluted Hydrochloric Acid. Wear gloves and eye protection during use. Have good ventilation, and dont mix with other chemicals or a poison gas could be produced. Don't use in an enclosed area. Make sure if you get on your skin you wash it off thoroughly and wash the area for some time. This stuff works well, but can cause serious eye, skin, and lung damage. Be careful



    I would buy this product again and again


    when my washer went to spend both tubs and toilets had backed up and i had no clue what to do and a friend told me to get some and i put it in the bathrooms and this smoke and smell came and i left the room when i came back it worked then i called another friend and recommended to her. this stuff is so great.




    Cleaning power with great value


    This product worked great for cleaning my paver patio. It actually made the pavers look better than when it was first installed.


    Burke, VA


    muriatic acid


    the worst thing is the smell. but when it comes to cleaning fish tank filters plumbing drains concret, it is the best!! just soak or poor down drain rinse with water and your done. no scrubbing no fuss no mess. this stuff is wonderful for cleaning!




    Muriatic Acid



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