Paint Brush / Roller Cleaner Spinner
  • Paint Brush / Roller Cleaner Spinner

Paint Brush / Roller Cleaner Spinner

The Spinner is a professional paint brush & roller cleaner that prolongs the life of your brushes and rollers. Cleans brushes up to 6" and all paint rollers by centrifugal force. Rugged steel construction and ball bearings for smooth operation.
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BRAND: Jamestown Distributors
Type: Paint Prep Cleaners
4.0 5

Did not work....Good idea, always wanted one of these.


Always wanted one, was disappointed when it arrived looking like good quality item but it did not work. The spinning action did not work, something mechanically was wrong with it,,,


Lakeville MA


great price for a great product


It's a great tool brush are ready to use as soon as they are clean. Great price too

newstart construction and remodeling



Save Time, Excellent Work,


Save cleaning your brushes and rollers when work is spread over a few days. Wrap them tightly in a plastic bag, store them in the refrigerator. To save space in the frig.,quickly clean with washer and spinner. As always, a proper cleaning as soon as possible after their work will extend life to your tools.

Retired Ed

Groton, CT




I've never used a brush spinner before. It does an excellent job both in clearing the first varnish soaked washes of thinner from the brush and in finally drying the brush. Works much better than my old method of "heeling" the brush.

Keep the bright side up!

Kansas City, Mo


A simple idea that works


Brushes are costly so spending a little time to clean them properly makes a lot of sense. This brush spinner does a good job of getting that last bit of material and cleaner out of the bristles. Doesn't hurt the brush.

Tom B

Mystic, CT


Paint Brush / Roller Cleaner Spinner



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