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Hickory Mallet

Hickory mallets are good for putting joints into line, thunking cabinets square, driving pins and wedges tight, and general furniture, cabinet making, chisel and gouge work, and general woodworking jobs.

These Osborne hickey mallets are made of second growth hickory. Carefully finished, well balanced with lacquered handle. This is a really nice mallet for all of your chisel or gouge work.

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BRAND: CS Osborne
Type: Mallet
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A Hickory Mallet is a pleasure to use


I really like this mallet. Heavy enuff to move the chisel, light enuff so that you can keep going and going. Light taps are all that is needed due to the substantial head. I has a very comfortable, easy to grip handle. Pretty good looking too.


San Francisco, CA


Hickory Mallet



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