Angle polisher / sander, 7 inch polisher
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  • Angle polisher / sander, 7 inch polisher

7 in. Angle Polisher / Sander

This is a good general purpose polisher or light duty sander at a great price! Variable speed with electronic control that maintains a constant speed under load. Polisher has a Lock-On switch for continuous use at one speed. Polisher features a "Soft Start" for improved tool control.
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  • 120V-60 Hz powerful 10 Amp motor
  • Variable Speed 1000-3300 RPM for Sander and Polisher
  • Electronic Speed Control
  • Constant Speed under load, Soft Start
  • Lock-on switch
  • 5/8"-11 spindle with spindle lock
  • Right, left or top handle mount
  • D-Shape handle
  • Multi-use Backing pad
  • Wool polishing bonnet
  • Wrench


BRAND: Buffalo Tools
Type: Buffer/Polisher
2.9 9

Good for the price


While this unit is clearly not designed for heavy duty daily use it is adequate for that one time small project. For the price it is a nice option for that one time big job. I burned one up on my Oday 27 regelcoat job but Jamestown Distributors promptly sent a replacement. This was a complete regelcoat of every inch of the boat inside and out. Unless you are in the professional category it is not a bad option.


Rochester, NY


Buffalo Tools


Dear Friends at Jamestown Distributors:We have a rash of Chinese products with names like Buffalo, Midwest, Chicago, Milwaukee, etc., all clearly intended to fool the buyer that this is a an American product. I bought a drill based on a name, trying to avoid a Chinese import, only to discover it was Chinese in the fine print. I suggest you clearly indicate where products are manufactured. People can buy whatever they want, but they should have the information they need to make a choice. I would not knowingly buy this product because of the bad reputation of Chinese power tools, and because of the deceptive marketing. Roger E. McManus


Annapolis, Maryland


Pad is not up to the task


I bought this to finish and re-finish canoes, maybe 2 - 3 uses per year. On the first use, the stitching in the pad began to give way. I sewed it up. On the second use, the rest of the stitching gave way completely; the only thing now holding the pad to the fabric sleeve is my stitching.The price may look good, but not if it doesn't do what it's supposed to. For obvious reasons I can't comment on the reliability of the motor or cord or anything else - they haven't been given a fair work-out yet.One more thing that potential buyers should know is that this is not a light tool. JD would do well to add this information to the tech specs.


Addison, VT


Nice If You Know How To Repair It


I have used this polisher once a year for three years to polish my 36 foot sailboat. It failed just before the end of this years polishing. It did a good job for that, but like all Chinese power tools they are only as good as their weakest link. In this case it was the cord. My friend purchased one last year it failed before he finished the first polishing of his boat. I've found over and over again that the Chinese can't seem to make a proper wire. If wires are provided with an accessory like a boat fan or such I just throw them away and use higher quality stuff. As more and more manufactures have moved their production to China it is hard to find any quality boat stuff these days, not even shoes.[...]I buy most power tools from Europe because the USA has sent those jobs to China. If you think the Chinese can make quality products I feel sorry for you because you will have to replace all that junk over and over again. Have a great day.

The Dude

Washington, DC


Excellent Power Tool


This tool made short work of bringing back the gelcoat shine of a 45 foot sailboat.Thanks


Seattle, WA


Great value for price


I'd recommend a dynabrade buffer over this one, but this is a good bang for the buck for boatowners needing to buff out their own boats without breaking the bank. It's not up to the task for grinding and will find it's way to the dumpster for repeated boatyard use, but is great for doing my 26' sailboat, 19' powerboat and car yearly. Highly recommend replacing the supplied pad w/ a 3m superbuff wool pad for compounding gelcoat. 3M Double Sided Compounding Pads

Backyard Boat Restorer

Cape Cod, MA


Works as described


Great buffer for the recreational boater. Lacks a little when doing anything more than light/med sanding.


warren RI


You get what you pay for


I give my vehicles a thorough detailing at least 3 to 4 times a year, and this includes buffing and reconditioning the paint. While it wouldn't last in a body shop, it gets the job done for me just fine. I'm only using it 6x a year. It's heavier and louder than other brands, but the price is definitely right! It produces great results as long as you're familiar with the right techniques.


Great Lakes


OK machine at a fair price


OK polisher- weak sander. Quality is fair. Better tools cost a lot more. If you only need once or twice a year it will do the job.

Sam J

Long Island, NY


7 in. Angle Polisher / Sander



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