Oakum marine caulking
  • Oakum marine caulking


Our Oakum caulking is made with bentonite, an inorganic compound that expands over 10 times its volume when wet. It is clean from knots and yarns, is long stranded and has no lumps or ends of sacking. Twisted jute packing. Further improved with golden oils. Does not split.

Oakum is the best choice for caulking wide gaps in planking. For varied planking, keep some Caulk Wicking on hand for tight spots, and Caulking Cotton for medium-space gaps. Typically, on boat seams Oakum caulking is next covered by a marine paint. Once dry, the remaining space is filled with seam compound (one for above waterline, another for below) before applying final topcoat.

Available in boxes of 5 lbs. and 50 lbs.

$40.09 / pk
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  • 5 lbs: 13 strands, 27" in length
  • 50 lbs: Coil of 6 or 7 strands twisted together. Approximately 50 ft. in length & 2 in. in diameter


BRAND: Jamestown Distributors
Type: Caulking Oakum
4.5 15

Great oakum


We use oakum in sewer man holes to help stop leaks be for we inject grout. Used your oakum for years, best we have found

Mole man


over all good


this is 5 pounds but is the best deal ive found by pound getting harder to find



We will buy this product from Jamestown as long as it is avl


We use this product in farrier work for race horses and performance horses


Albuquerque, New Mexico


I will buy Oakum from Jamestown Distributors for years


Equine Farrier Industry likes to use Oakum to pack into the hoof or sole while the animal is recovering from an injury. The idea is considered "old school" but works very well. All farrier supply stores should offer Oakum. We sell it by the pound.

Shannon - Manager of Paul's Vet

Albuquerque, NM


Not useful on traditional wooden boats


I bought this product to caulk the deck seams on an Historic wooden Schooner, as we were running low on the traditional oakum we had and wanted to make sure we would have enough to finish the job. This product, although probably perfectly fine for plumbing applications is not useful in traditional wooden boat building/restoration because it comes in such short 2 1/2 foot lengths. If you're looking for traditional oakum for caulking seams on a wooden boat, spend the extra money and get the real stuff.


New York


I received just what I expected.Customer service impecable


Will continue to explore all the possibilities you offer.Such items are not offered in our local market.

Quique Sanchez

San Jose Costa Rica


Oakum to stop a water leak around a pipe coming in basement


I had a 4 inch pipe in my basement wall that carried the electrical wiring into my house. The plug that the contractor used to plug the hole failed. Being familiar with plumbing used the old cast iron I searched for Oakum as I was sure it would plug the hole. I filled the hole with oakum, packing in it tightly and then put a 1" layer of quickset expanding concrete to hold the oakum in place.


Nevada, Mo.


Oakum works great


We use Oakum as a sealant for our hydro turbines. Seals dissimilar materials like cast iron, steel and concrete. It sets up and becomes a permanent repair.


International Falls MN


Customer very pleased with the product.


Customer uses for waste packing in screw conveyor adapter and other industrial applications. They have used other types in the past but likes this product very much. They will be re-ordering more in the future as needed.

Bearing Man 58

Brewster, NY


This works for concrete control joint.


This worked great for what I was using it for.

Donnie T.

Louisville Ky





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