The Absorber, chamois-like drying cloth
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  • The Absorber, chamois-like drying cloth

The Absorber Drying Cloth

Practical Sailor says "The more we use The Absorber the more impressive it is..." Cloth-like PVA sponge holds more water and wrings out better than a chamois. Machine washable. 13" x 17". Available in traditional yellow, and a variety of colors (shipped at random).

Compare it to a drying chamois, the absorber will work much better, is many times more reusable and cleanable.

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BRAND: CleanTools
Type: Drying and Detailing Cloths
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Don't waste your money on this!


I have owned a simular product before and loved it. I have to chami my car twice with this one!

Cleaning lady

Gorham, Kansas


Buying it twice is one too many


I must of had the absorber at least 20 years. I still have the original container.Granted, I use it only for the vehicles I've owned.Even the container itself (by Shima) has retained its shape and advertisements.Copyright 1985 Emgee MarketingClendon Hills, IL

Ricky Tan

San Antonio, TX


The best thing yet!


I have used the Absorber on my car for the last 5 years and love it. Now I have granite counter tops in my kitchen and it dose a wonderful job. I left the window down on my car and had 3or 4 inches of rain water on the floor board. I sucked up the bulk of the water with my wet/dry vac. then I used the Absorber to remove the remainder of the water. It was almost another gallon of water. I love it.


Baton Rouge, La.


Works for me!


I just used, for the first time, the Absorber chamois-like drying cloth. This artifical chamois holds a lot of water, allowing more drying with less wringing.I don't know how it will hold up, but I plan to purchase another one next week, for back-up.I am a 64 year old man and have used a lot of chamois, towels and other drying products for cars. This is the best one I've used yet.


Dunbar, West Virginia


The Absorber Drying Cloth



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