Epifanes Wood Finish Matte varnish
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  • Epifanes Wood Finish Matte varnish

Epifanes Wood Finish Matte Varnish

Wood Finish matte is typically used over four coats of Epifanes Gloss Wood Finish. Suitable for both interior and exterior woods, this low gloss, matte finish varnish contains UV absorbers to provide long lasting, beautiful rich protection.

A non-sanding solution specially formulated for oily woods like teak, Wood Finish matte is a one component varnish alternative based on urethane alkyd resins and tung oil.

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Technical Specifications:
  • Container Size: 500 ml., 1000ml.
  • Color: Opaque in the can, dries clear amber
  • Gloss: Matte (Some Sheen)
  • Density: 0.95 kg./liter
  • Solids Content : 40 +/- 2 vol. %
  • Drying times at 65F / 65% RH: Tack free - 1 hours / Tape free - 24 hours, Dry - 12 hours / Recoatable - 12 hours
  • Recommended Film Thickness: Per coat wet - 60 micron / Per coat dry - 25 micron
  • Application: Brush, roller, conventional air spray, H.V.L.P.
  • Temperature should be between 50 degrees F and 85 degrees F with the air humidity below 85 percent. Avoid varnishing in too much wind or sun. A rapid loss of solvents will occur under these conditions and will decrease the flowing ability. Add thinners up to the specified percentage to compensate for the faster release of solvents. Any existing finish much be intact, degreased and sanded prior to recoating. Before applying each coat, degrease the surface with Epifanes Spray Thinner or Denatured alcohol. Use a tack cloth to remove dust particles prior to application. Always stir Epifanes Wood Finish Matte before using. Failure to do so may result in an uneven or blotchy finish. Some settling of the formulation may occur upon long standing.

    BRAND: Epifanes
    Number Of Parts: One Part
    Type: Varnishes
    4.7 15

    Fantastic finish for a front entry door


    I finished our new mahogany front door with 4 coats Epifanes gloss varnish thinning and applying as recommended by Epifanes. Then finished with two coats Epifanes matte finish with the first coat cut with 25% thinner and the final coat 5% thinner. The door looks so fantastic everyone who comes to the house comments on the door. Even the UPS guy, who has probably seen thousands of front doors, said "I never saw such a beautiful front door" and I had not even mentioned we had a new front door. You can't beat this stuff. The man who made the door is from Germany and he said, "In Germany this is all we use on wood doors". This stuff is more expensive than other varnishes, but it is worth every penny.


    San Diego, California


    A great matte finish for a high quality look


    It went on well (brushing on it handles different than epifanes high gloss but not bad just different) and dries nice and even.After 4 coats of high gloss this canoe looked so nice I almost didn't put this last finishing coat on the interior but I went ahead and I really like the toned down, rich look!



    Awesome marine varnish


    Levels out nice but must be cut with thinner to flow and brush out evenly


    New Milford ct


    Epiphanes Woodfinish Matte


    I use Woodfinish Matte on furniture. I spray it, and it flows out beautifully, and dries to a lovely, even sheen. I highly recommend this product.


    Central Vermont


    Fantastic Outdoor Finish


    Used on antique glider. It looks wonderful.


    Royal Center, IN


    Excellent product


    Product flowes nicely and covers evenly and smooth.I put on the recomended coats and the finish looks like it was professionaly done!


    Madina Ohio


    Epifanes Wood Finish Matte Varnish


    The product is excellent.The service and pricing at Jamestown Distributors < info@jamestowndistributors.com> is unsurpassed.


    Block Island RI


    Gorgeous matte finish


    I don't have anything to do with boats, but I do use this on outdoor wood signage in the Pacific NW, so it may as well be sitting in an ocean! I used this over the top of the Total Boat CPES, applied 4 coats of the matte on top and it is GORGEOUS! And I'm very comfortable handing these off and letting them hang in the elements for years to come.


    St. Helens, OR


    Great finish


    I used this finish over the top of penetrating epoxy. I used it on a butcher's block vanity top in a bathroom. I'm not a pro, but I've done a little bit of wood finishing. I agree with some comments about the difficulty of maintaining a wet edge. I brushed my first two coats on with a good quality brush, but still had lapping between passes. Between coats, I sanded with 320 grit paper. My final coat, I used a smooth finish foam roller. It left a slight orange peel finish, but it is even and looks very nice. I really like the dull luster and depth to the finish.

    Marcus the DIYer

    Northern Iowa


    Matte Madness


    Good have been to my shop/weather conditions but first coat applied dragged and tugged more than I would have liked. Second coat I found that if I brushed a second time, it almost worked out any marked and buffed the final finish to the matte finish I desired.

    Bull Run Canoes



    Epifanes Wood Finish Matte Varnish



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