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Boat Polishing Kits

Every spring we get tons of calls about buffing supplies and equipment -- naturally, everyone wants to know what we recommend. This complete polishing system is a great deal. The items in either of these kits would easily retail at more than $270 if purchased separately. Let us set you up with everything you need to polish a 20+ foot boat to a dazzling shine.

The Basic Kit includes everything you need to get the job done. If you're looking for professional results, the Pro Kit adds high gloss finishing material and protective gear at a great value.

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Basic Polishing Kit Includes:

  • (1) TotalBoat TotalBuff Rubbing Compound (Quart)
  • (1) TotalBoat Premium Marine Paste Wax (11 oz)
  • (1) Variable Speed Angle Polisher / Sander (BUF-PS07401)
  • (1) 3M Superbuff Double Sided Polishing Pad (3M-05705)
  • (1) 3M Superbuff Mandrel Adapter (3M-05710)
  • (1) High Performance Cleaning Cloth

Professional Polishing Kit Also Includes:

  • (1) TotalBoat TotalShine Finishing Compound (Pint)
  • (1) Atlas Fits Rubber Palm Gloves (BOS-8420)
  • (1) TotalBoat N95 Particulate Respirator with Valve (TB-MASK9511)
  • (1) 3M Virtua V4 Protective Eyewear (3M-62038)


What you need to understand is that these compounds are basically liquid abrasive and what you're doing is lightly sanding or polishing your hull. The more faded or "oxidized" your hull is the more you need to compound/polish in order to get back to the original hull color.

Step 1: Compounding

If your topsides are really faded, you should go with the TotalBoat TotalBuff Rubbing Compound. This stuff is great at bringing back the original color and knocking out the ugly, faded look. It is applied with the polisher and pad.

Step 2: Finishing

The next step is to follow up with a finishing material boat polish in order to get a glossy, bright finish. We recommend TotalBoat TotalShine Finishing Compound. Again, you apply this with a polisher and a pad.

Believe it or not, you can get technical about buffing pads, in that there are pads with varying levels of aggressiveness for the compounding and finishing steps. However, generally you can get away with just using the 3M Superbuff Double Sided Polishing Pad (3M-05705) for boat compound and polish applications. You can use both sides of it - one for compounding and one for finishing. It requires the 3M Superbuff Mandrel Adapter (3M-05710).

Step 3: Waxing

After the boat polish is applied, the final step is to protect your finish with a wax. Use our TotalBoat Premium Marine Paste Wax. It's important that you seal and protect the finish with a good wax to maintain the gloss that you just acquired. You can use any old rag to apply it but the rag will become clogged with the wax and eventually become ineffective.

The High Performance Cloth is textured in a way that it does not absorb the wax and results in a great finish. Once you use one, you'll never go back.

WARNING: The gloves included in the PRO KIT can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to

BRAND: TotalBoat
Type: Buffer/Polisher
4.4 20

I would buy this product again.


The product worked really well.




The kit looks good and inclusive for the project I have.


If the weather ever cooperates, I might get to use the polishing kit.


Wareham, MA


Polisher worked well, the rubbing compound was watery


JD should offer a custom package pricing on the items you want vs pushing their brand


Cape cod



i successfully buffed and waxed my severely oxidised fiberglass boat. The buffer tool however seems to be of poor quality. The variable speed adjustment does not work properly.


Kennebunk, ME

great package


My boat was in fairly good shaped with some oxidation on one side. The process removed the oxidation layer and put down a mirror glaze in the gelcoat. My 1976 Baja is showroom ready! Two days of work, and it was not an easy task, but the results were worth it. The wax is tough enough to prevent more UV damage.


berrien springs, MI


Must Buy!!


Worked even better than I expected. It has everything you need to make a tough job easier. It took me a solid day to get the results in the pictures below, but saved me the $800.00 that was quoted by a professional!!


Enterprise Alabama


Why did I wait so long!


My 1978 Glastron 17' runabout looks like new. We have received glowing comments about its appearance. Never been so proud of the boat. Have already recommended the polishing kit to other boat owners.


Oklahoma City, OK


Basic Boat Polishing Kit -


The Basic kit would be a better value if it included one bottle of the Finesse II Finish Polish, which is needed to finish the job. The Pro Kit has one bottle of Finesse included; throw in another bottle of Finesse II and keep the gloves, goggles and respirator. The results are extraordinary! My hull has the original 1995 gel-coat, has never been refinished, has been exposed to the elements continuously since she was launched, and the Imperial Compound with the Finesse II IS THE TRICK to getting her looking new again!! The angle polisher, Buffalo Tools item BUF-PS07401, worked very well, the variable speed adjustment is a nice feature, except after 2 hours of polishing, the switch jammed in the run position, and I had to pull the switch out to get it to stop. A bit of silicone lube fixed that problem. For a [$] polisher, still a better deal than a $165.00 dollar DeWalt polisher.


Panama City Beach, Florida


Good Kit, Good Material


Great kit with everything you need to get the shine back on your boat. It took me the better part of two days to completely compound (Imperial Compound) and buff (Finesse) the boat from top to bottom. My boat had almost no shine at all before and now it is near showroom perfect. This kit makes a hard project a little easier and gives great results if you take the time and care to do it right.


Berthoud, CO


Worth It


This is a nice kit. Along with the video posted on the website it gave me the confidence to restore the shine to my boat. It was pretty neglected for 8 or 9 years and these products have it looking like new. I was amazed at how the shine, gloss and smoothness came back. I was also impressed with the scratch removal. All but the deepest scratches in my finish came out. A couple tips: Don't kid yourself, this is hard work, if you want to do it right. It took me two solid days to get my 20' runabout looking good. Also, I would highly recommend buying an extra polishing pad. I bought the 3M pad for compounding in addition to the kit and I am glad I did, as I don't think one pad would be enough to do a large job. The downside is the compunding pad sheds like crazy. The buffing pad that comes with the kit did not shed nearly as much. Compounding is a messy, messy job. Between the dust and pad debris it makes really bad mess. The results are great though. Someone wrote on here that there wasn't a big difference between the results of the Imperial Compund and the Finese Glaze. I found you could really tell a difference on the darker colors, but white parts not as much.


Tucson, AZ


Boat Polishing Kits



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