Evercoat Polyvinyl Alcohol
Evercoat Evercoat
  • Evercoat Polyvinyl Alcohol

Evercoat Polyvinyl Alcohol

Evercoat Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) is used for curing gelcoat in a mold. Allows a full cure at the surface of the mold (where air doesn't exist) and eliminates the tacky feel. It is meant to be spread on a mold over the mold wax and before spraying gel coat. This is not a replacement for MEKP catalyst. PVA can also be applied on polyester resin & gelcoat to provide a tack-free cure. Available in 8 oz. size.
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Wear chemically resistant safety glasses with side shields when handling this product. Do not wear contact lenses. Wear goggles if dusts can reach the exposure limit. Not normally considered a skin hazard. Where use can result in skin contact, practice good personal hygiene. Wash hands and other exposed areas with mild soap and water before eating, drinking, and when leaving work. Where use can result in skin contact, practice good personal hygiene. No respiratory protection required under normal conditions of use. Provide general room exhaust ventilation if symptoms of overexposure occur as explained Section III. A respirator is not normally required. Follow a respiratory protection program that meets 29 CFR 1910.134 and ANSI Z88.2 requirements whenever work place conditions warrant the use of a respirator. Wear goggles if dusts can reach the exposure limit. Where use can result in skin contact, practice good personal hygiene.

BRAND: Evercoat
Material: PVA
Resin Type: Hardeners
Type: Thinners and Solvents
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Carbon fiber and fiberglass mold release


It works great! It creates a film like a sheet of plastic that is great for molding carbon fiber spoiler brackets and fiberglass airsoft parts. All I use is a artist brush and you don't have to worrie about streak marks because it evens out and creates a uniform film. I also experimented spraying it on a larger mold and it works great if you know haow to spray so it doesn't build up or clog. When spraying do one to two passes at a time and let it dry before adding another pass. also between coats you should wax it carefully not to damage the film to ad extra release. I wax before applying and after 3 build up coats I wax again and coat over it. you can sumerger the mold in hot water so the film just desintegrates and your parts releases super easily. NOte: Try not appling on a humid environment because it would cause the film to bubble up and create air pockets that would make for an uneven furface. Also let dry after each coat completely before applying another so the film doesn't get damage and clog up.I love this is just a bit expensive though.




Sticky, hard to spray


Hard to spray over the repaired surface, because it dries into a cloggy mess. Probably a trick to it, that I don't know.Once you get it on the repair, it dries into a film that does seem to promote curing. You can peel some of it off, afterwards, but you have to sand or scrub off the rest.There must be an easier way...


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Evercoat Polyvinyl Alcohol



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